Lady shows up for a date with 18 friends, watch as man refuses to pay

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The man had advised that he was not going to pay for her 18 friends because they were not part of the initial plan.

The lady went haywire and started throwing tantrums at the gentleman for refusing to accept payment for their drinks and food.

Prior to their meeting, the man had budgeted for the lady and was only looking forward to meeting her on their planned date.

On D-day, the man was shocked when the lady appeared with her entire entourage of 18 ladies who had dressed up ready to be part of the date.

The man could not believe his eyes and immediately stood up to leave. The lady got infuriated and in a video explained why the man had to accept to pay for her and the 18 girls she came with.

This has really garnered some reactions from social media users who can’t fathom why a lady will do that to a guy who has expressed interest in her.

Watch video below


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