Lady rocks wedding gown, hits the street with placard to search for husband (Video)

woman wedding gown

A woman desperately seeking to become married has taken to the streets with a placard to search for a husband because age is not on her side.

A YouTuber shared a video of the young lady who could seen carrying a placard in Buza, Dar es Salaam indicating the type of man she is looking for.

The placard reads; “I am looking for a husband aged between 20 and 70″.

Speaking to a Tanzanian YouTuber, the woman said she will pay her dowry and claimed she is still a virgin.

”I even have the wedding rings with me. I will pay the dowry and even buy the suit for the man who will step forward.

“I am Christian but have no qualms converting to Islam as long as the man is respectful and God-fearing,” she said.

She also divulged that she bought the wedding dress for KSh 142,000 (N531k).

According to the lady, she was prompted to take the bold step as time was running out of time for her to get married.

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“I am getting old and need a man,” she said.

On where she got the courage to do it, she said: “I have not broken the law hence, I have courage.”

“This is a personal decision and no one can judge me.”

She further stated that she is well-to-do financially and is just looking for a man who will love her.

The lady added that September 15 was her fourth day on the streets looking for a partner.

“I have money, I don’t want to stress a man.

“I have met many men who want to meet me in the guest house but I turned them down,” she said.

She now plans on moving around different areas around Dar es Salaam to find a husband.

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