Lady finds out her boyfriend of 7 years has been married all the while

A woman identified as @Makathani has taken to twitter to narrate on how she just found out about her boyfriend of even years being married.

According to her, the man has been married ever since they started dating, but it came as a surprise to her how he was able to hid it from her for seven year.

She even stated that they both have a child together and they run a business together as well.


The obviously disturbed lady, took to twitter to pour out her pains to her friends. She wrote:

I’ve been dating a man for 7 years we started a business together we have a beautiful child and right now I just found out his married. If how he managed to hid this to for so long I don’t know…but the pain that I’m feeling ryt now I cannot explain it you guys

The post has since gone viral and her friends and followers are pouring out their sympathy to her on twitter. A user even found it so unusual for a partner in a relationship to not have access to their other partner’s phone. According to him, your partner’s phone should be your property and you should have access to it at any time.

He wrote;

Let me drop this here.. Your partner’s phone is also your property. There’s nothing like invasion of privacy. You see each other naked but you can’t check your phones? If you’re dating someone and you don’t have access to their phone, then you might be in for a big surprise.

Lady finds out her boyfriend of 7 years has been married all the while lailasnews 2The user went further to say:

You do know we’re talking about people’s spouse here. A relationship is about transparency and privacy only applies when someone is so hurt or tired & needs personal space. Any body that keeps a phone in their car has something to hide. Your 2nd phone should be with you always.

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