Kyla Thurston: Details of how a group of juveniles and possibly some adults assaulted a woman off a Metrobus

Kyla Thurston
Kyla Thurston

An elderly woman identified as Kyla Thurston has been attacked and pushed off of a D.C. Metrobus in Washington, D.C.

Kayla Thurston, who was assaulted by several juveniles and possibly some adults revealed in an interview with FOX 5’s Melanie Alnwick that situation began after she asked a group of youth sitting nearby to stop using foul language after she gave up her seat to a young woman who came onboard the bus with her young children.

“At that point, the kids became unruly. They started being disrespectful, like saying things to me,” Thurston said. “Then next thing you know, there were objects being throw at me, and I was just like, ‘Thank You, Lord,’ because throughout the whole incident the only thing I could recall was the kids hitting me and kicking me – and I had no defense.”

Kayla Thurston said she asked the bus driver numerous times to stop, but the bus kept moving.

“The bus driver made no attempt to stop the bus. He didn’t alert local authorities or anything to my defense,” she said. “Even after I’m yelling at the top of my lungs, ‘Stop the bus – let me off the bus,’ the bus driver never stopped.”

Eventually the bus did stop at another stop location.

That’s when Thurston said she was kicked and pushed off of the bus by her attackers.

Kyla Thurston 1

Thurston said her arm was bruised, and her neck was hurt in the attack.

The back of her jacket was ripped and shredded. She said she is still suffering emotionally from the assault.

The parent who recorded the latter end of the incident does not want to be identified due to concerns for her own safety.

She said people threw bottles at Thurston, shoved her, and some even put hands on her neck, choking her as they pushed her off the bus.

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