Kwamena Hazel Is Using Drone Technology To Drive Development In Ghana

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If there were any doubts that drones would be at the front line of Africa’s digital awakening, Kwamena Hazel is putting those doubts to rest. Kwamena, a Computer Science graduate from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, started his work with drones as a hobby.

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(Photo: Aeroshutter)

But he is now harnessing drone technology for commercial and developmental purposes, and pushing the boundaries of how drones can be used to build the future of his country, Ghana.

In 2014, he left his banking job to start a “creative drone agency” called Aeroshutter. Initially, people requested their services for aerial shots of weddings and events, but once the company had established itself on social media, they started to draw the attention of potential corporate clients.

(Photo: Aeroshutter)

(Photo: Aeroshutter)

The company now services different industries and sectors including the farming, mining, and construction industries. Their services cover 3D volumetric image processing, aerial photography and commercial property surveillance. Aeroshutter’s drone tech cuts land surveying process down to 24 hours; and in construction, their technology helps clients assess building progress.

(Photo: Aeroshutter)

(Photo: Aeroshutter)

Speaking about starting the business, Kwamena says:

“Even before buying the first drone, I had a blueprint for my business. In the beginning, because it was a new technology that most Ghanaians hadn’t heard about, I mostly focused on taking pictures from a different perspective.”

Although Aeroshutter boasts of a client list that includes multinational mining companies, Vodafone and musician, Mr. Eazi, like most startups in Africa, the company still faces financing difficulties.

“We buy our stuff in dollars, which means you have to work four times over before you can purchase products. You have to work extra hard to buy things that can be easily obtained in the U.S. People complain sometimes about our prices, but we have to recoup costs, buy new parts, and upgrade our fleet. The highest quality drones can cost as much as $12,000.”

Despite this, Kwamena and his team are looking to the future for better prospects for their company. They have a host of new projects lined up for this year – Aero Ads, an innovative drone advertising service, and Aero Arcade, a drone-racing series. Aeroshutter currently has a staff of 6 operating a fleet of DJI drones and is hoping to expand into other parts of West Africa.


(Photo: Aeroshutter)

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