Kumkum & Kundali Bhagya Update on Tuesday 5th December 2017

Kumkum & Kundali Bhagya Update on Tuesday 5th December 2017

The Episode starts with Manager telling Abhi that flights are delayed due to heavy rains in Mumbai and says you have to be here till tomorrow. Abhi thinks he had promised fuggi of a date and thinks what to do. Disha gives juice to Pragya. She says even Aaliya and Tanu must not be sitting quiet. Purab says we have to get the papers anyhow. Prgya says how to steal the file and says they shall make them unconscious.
Disha says she can’t make them unconscious both. She says we have to do something and says a tiger shall be standing infront of them then they shall be threatened. He says IT raid. Disha says it will bring bad reputation to family. Purab says raid will not be true as the officers will be fake. Pragya says Purab is right and we have to take risk. Purab goes to make arrangements. Raj, Aaliya and Tanu are in the room. Raj says we couldn’t get the papers registered.
Tanu says I asked you to get the papers registered yesterday itself and says Pragya’s soul must have stopped them. Aaliya says she is Dead and determines to get the papers registered. Raj asks if Pragya is really dead. Aaliya says yes and says she can’t return, this is Munni, her lookalike.
Pragya thanks Disha for her help. Disha asks her not to hide anything from her. Pragya gets reminded of Bulbul and they have a hug. Aaliya talks to the lawyer and asks him to get the papers registered at registrar office. Aaliya asks him to take tomorrow’s appointment. Pragya comes there. Aaliya and Tanu scolds her. Aaliya says I rule your life and your chutka and chutki are in my custody. Pragya asks them to shut up and says she will not tell them now and will come and meet them in jail. They get shocked and ask why you will come to meet us in jail. Pragya asks them to use their intelligence.
They ask who have come. Pragya says your kaal have come and tells that IT officials came and called specially Aaliya. Aaliya says why did they call me. Pragya says they told that you have been handling Abhi’s account and there is some unnamed accounts. Purab asks his friend Avinash to help him. He says he will show his acting skills. Disha says Pragya is bringing Aaliya and Tanu. Disha asks if they have done full arrangements. Purab says may be he has done it all.
Dadi tells IT officer that he got wrong Info as Abhi pays tax on time. Mitali says we have paid even GST. Taya ji says Abhi is the highest IT payee. Avinash tells that they have found many unnamed accounts and wants to find who is handling those accounts. Purab comes and says they might have got wrong info. He says let them do their work. Purab introduces himself. Avinash says we have checked your records, you are clean. Purab says everyone will co-operate with you. Avinash says he can’t bear if someone interferes in his work. Mitali asks do you want to take anything. Avinash says I don’t take bribe. Mitali laughs and says tea or coffee. He says he don’t drink anything on duty.
He says where is Aaliya Mehra. Aaliya says she is Aaliya Mehra, Abhi’s ex business partner. Avinash says what did you do that he terminated you from partnership. Aaliya asks him to tell his name and work. He says he is Avinash Hegde, IT chief. He says he feels great to catch the culprits. Aaliya asks him to show ID or search warrant. Avinash says you are hindering my work and asks Patel to search her room. Aaliya refuses to let him go inside until he shows his ID or search warrant. Avinash asks Constable Meera to explain her. Meera asks him to move from Avinash’s way and slaps her hard. Everyone is shocked. Aaliya keeps her hand on her face.
Kareena scolds a servant to make her wait while it was Preita’s mistake. She tells him to send her as soon as he reaches. Preita reaches Karan’s house. The servant asks Preita why is she so late, she says she might only be two minutes late. Preita goes towards Kareena. Kareena greets her by strictly telling her to give her a facial massage. Preita wonders what a physiotherapist has to do with facial massage. Kareena appreciates her moves, Preita says she can fix every bone well. She introduces herself as the physiotherapist and asks about a Kharoos dadi, if she is that? Kareena was irked to be called as Dadi and sends her upstairs. She thinks Bee ji herself would herself throw this physio away.
Upstairs, Preita enters the room on left side and wonders where would Bee ji be. She turns around when Karan comes out of bath looking around for towel. Both scream looking at each other. They have an argument, Karan says this time he would call Police and was makes a call at Bandra police for filing molestation case. Preita slaps the phone shut and calls Karan as shameless. He tells her to leave his room, he has to change. Preita leaves the room.
Kumkum & Kundali Bhagya Update on Tuesday 5th December 2017
There, Sarla was working at home. Another lady comes to her complaining about her lost ring and suspects Shistri has stolen it, these girls need money right now. Sarla says she doesn’t think Shistri took it, still she will look into their luggage as they aren’t home. Sarla skims through the luggage and finds Raghubir’s photo and photo album in the suitcase. She cries thinking she couldn’t even recognize her own blood, these are her own daughters and have reached her finally. Shistri comes behind Sarla and asks if she was checking their luggage? Sarla was kept looking at Shistri and thinks she has grown up so much, she was so little the last time she had seen her. She recalls a time when Shistri used to draw fake moustache over her face and chased her, she laughed as Shistri was afraid. She remembers Shistri was always stubborn and wish to hug Shistri. Shistri tells Sarla she found Janki ji’s ring over the window at kitchen, she must go and get her eye sight checked. Sarla can never judge people right. Sarla recalls how she used to speak the same way even in childhood. She touches Shistri’s face but Shistri jerks her hand away and tells her to stay away, she has begun to suffocate here and will leave by tonight. Sarla recalls how Shistri said she hates her mother last night. Sarla shows Shistri the album and asks about her mother. Shistri says which mother, she has died for them. Sarla wipes her tears and leaves the room crying.
Dadi was in the room sitting with a singing group of ladies and suggest a verse of hers own. She cheersover her poetry, the ladies appreciate her sense of music. Preita comes at the door and hears Dadi ji upset that she can’t dance over her own song. Preita calls from behind that she will dance for sure once she allows her to treat her foot. Dadi turns around, both recognizes each other from hospital incident.



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