Ksenia Karelina: Bio, age & more about U.S.-Russian woman detained in Russia for Treason

Ksenia Karelina
Ksenia Karelina
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Real Name Ksenia Karelina
In News Arrested.
Age 33 years

Ksenia Karelina ( age 33, born 1991) is a  U.S.-Russian woman detained by Russia‘s FSB security services on suspicion of raising just £41 for the Ukrainian army.

According to Ksenia Karelina Facebook profile, she is from Yekaterinburg.

She left Russia and went to live in Los Angeles where she is believed to be married to an American man.

She received US citizenship in 2021.

Ksenia was detained on a trip back to Russia, where she completed university, to see her parents.

What we know about Ksenia Karelina arrest

Russian state news agency TASS reported: “The Federal Security Service in Yekaterinburg suppressed the illegal activities of a 33-year-old resident of Los Angeles, who has dual citizenship of Russia and the United States.”

She was allegedly “involved in providing financial assistance to a foreign state”.

And is accused of participating in public events in the US to help support Ukraine.

Karelia is suspected of collecting money for a Ukrainian organisation for the past two years since Putin invaded Ukraine and started his bloody war.

Reports suggested she only raised £41 for the cause.

Russia viewed the organisation as aiding the Ukrainian military with the cash collected.

She was caught as she made her way to Russia – where she completed university – to see her parents.

She was later seen in the footage behind bars in a pretrial detention jail as she awaits a hearing.

Political scientist Fyodor Krasheninnikov claimed: “She probably supported Ukraine a couple of times on social networks, maybe she collected something there.

“If you participated in any anti-war protests, wrote something on social networks, or, especially, donated to Ukrainians or encouraged them to do this, think a hundred times.

“Do you really need to go to Russia urgently? A second passport will not save you from anything.”

The FSB has recently detained a record number of people for alleged espionage and high treason.

This includes a string of scientists – some in their 70s – accused of supplying hypersonic missile secrets to the West or China.

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