Kofi Kingston Wins WWE Championship ; Becomes The First African To Win The WWE Championship

Kofi Kingston Wins WWE Championship At WrestleMani

Ghanaian born wrestler, Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah, known as Kofi Kingston has made history to become the first African to win the WWE championship title at the biggest stage of the WWE event, Wrestlemania.

Kofi beat the title holder Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 35 which took place at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday.

The wrestler, a member of the group ‘The New Day’, has had an epic 11 year wrestling career in the WWE with a couple of titles but not the WWE Championship Title belt, but his moment came when he seized the opportunity to get a three count over his contender, Daniel Bryan.

It was an emotional moment for him, with his family and 2 kids in the stands chanting praises for him. The crowd was amazingly in support of the Ghanaian born as he showed great charisma in the game.

The road to Wrestlemania 35 hasn’t been easy for the wrestler, as he has had to fight a lot of his colleagues to get a slot but with the help of his group, he made it through.

He described the moment as emotional, having to work so hard with lots of downfalls but finally having the moment pay off for him. “It’s so emotional. Like, you work so hard to get here and sometimes you work as hard as you can and things aren’t going your way, you know? And you don’t know if the work is going to pay off right now. It just feels surreal. It feels like a legitimate dream… I feel like I’m in a dream, and don’t want to wake up”.

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Born Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Kingston on the 14 of August 1981 in Kumasi, Ghana, he graduated from Boston college and made a decision to be a professional wrestler.

He signed his developmental deal on WWE in 2007 and is currently on the Smackdown division of the WWE.

Kofi has a parental connection to Jamaica and represented the country on some wrestling platforms but shortened his long name to Kofi Kingston and represents Ghana since 2009.

Kofi is a four time Intercontinental champion, a three time United States champion and an eight time world tag team champion.

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Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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