Kisha Chavis, Joe Smith wife: Marriage life, OnlyFans account drama & how Joe blew a $61 million fortune

Kisha Chavis, Joe Smith wife
Kisha Chavis, Joe Smith wife

Former Golden State Warriors forward Joe Smith appears to not like the fact that his wife has an account on OnlyFans.

In a video that surfaced online, the former NBA star forward confronted his wife on the subject, but she didn’t back down and supported her decision.

She explained it was her choice to have an OnlyFans account, but claimed that she was not having intercourse with anybody.

The former NBA player called it ‘disrespect,’ while being upset that she didn’t tell him about it.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here finding out you got an OnlyFans all these years. Disrespect– that you couldn’t even talk to me about it,” Joe Smith told his wife.

Kisha Chavis and Joe Smith marriage life

Kisha Chavisa and Joe Smith dated for a few years and reportedly got engaged in 2016.

In 2018, Kisha and Smith got married and their wedding was televised on the reality TV show, ‘Say Yes to Dress: Atlanta’.

How Joe blew a $61 million fortune

Joe Smith earned $61 million over his 16-year career but what really got Smith off track was his spending.

While Smith collected $61 million in total earnings, after taxes, agent fees and management fees, he actually took home about $18 million over the course of his career.

Every time he was traded and moved, he bought a place to live in his new city. “Once I got traded, it was always tough to unload those homes,” he tells Rodriguez. “I was always losing money.”

Plus, his car collection included a Corvette, Bentley and two Range Rovers, among other luxury vehicles.

Thanks to reckless spending, bad investments and a costly divorce, Smith found that his fortune had been completely wiped out.

And his salary, which was never less than $1.3 million a year while he was in the NBA, plummeted after he retired in 2011 and switched to coaching 10-to-15 hours a week.

At the time Rodriguez intervened, Smith and his current wife Kisha Chavis were bringing home a combined $26,000 a year from various gigs, including Smith’s private coaching lessons.

But their lifestyle, which included a spacious home in the suburbs of Atlanta, cost them $133,000.

The couple was living way beyond their means and, as a result, spiraling deeper and deeper into debt.

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