Khosay Sharifi: What we know about the woman who gunned down her father, brother-in-law and his father

Khosay Sharifi
Khosay Sharifi

Khosay Sharifi, a 31-year-old woman allegedly shot and killed her father, her brother-in-law, and her brother-in-law’s father in two separate attacks Tuesday afternoon in Lynn.

The woman then took her own life in a grocery store parking lot.

Before the incident, Khosay Sharifi wrote a Facebook post accusing relatives of abuse before three members of the Sharifi family were shot August 23 at different locations in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Suicide noted

Khosay Sharifi, who was an optician, posted a chilling message on social media as police rushed to the scene after gunshots were heard.

Khosay Sharifi, claimed that her father had also been ‘verbally and financially abusive’ to her mother.

She also said that her twin sister’s husband, believed to be the 34-year-old man shot dead, had ‘choked, slapped, kicked and swore’ at her before he ‘punched her in her face’.

The post said: ‘My parents & his parents knew all these years but have not really done much but say “work it out”, “what will people say if you separate” or even victim blaming.

‘I’m trying to say all this as nice as I can so my post doesn’t get deleted. There’s no excuse for what he did.

‘He kept doing it because no one did anything about it. How long did he think he would get away with it?

‘They don’t realize that abuse can affect someone not just physically but also mentally. No form of abuse is ok.’

In her message, she also spoke directly to her sister, writing: ‘To my sister: I hope you start healing & actually teach your daughters that abuse is not ok as they have also witnessed him slap you.

‘I asked how they felt about that & they said they were scared & didn’t know what to do. ‘Let’s not pass this on to your kids as it has been passed on to you.

‘My father has also been abusive before & verbally but mostly financially abusive to my mom from what I’ve personally witnessed.

‘Maybe that’s why my mom did not protect her own daughter, because she’s a victim too. ‘But that’s no excuse, how can you let your own daughter get abused.’

Who was Khosay Sharifi?


On Facebook, Sharifi wrote that she “studied Opticianry at Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology” and lived in Boston.

She was from Kabul, Afghanistan. Many of her photos showed travels to Tajikistan.

A relative, Kelay Sharifi, shared the GoFundMe page on Facebook. “My heart aches deeply for you and your family. You have always been a strong woman, but even the strongest need support from time to time. I am here if you need anything. I am so, so sorry, Kelay,” a person wrote in the comment thread.

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