KFC Ghana: Menu,Prices, Delivery, Menu branches and Contacts

KFC Ghana
KFC Ghana

The article contains all the information you need about KFC Ghana: Menu, Prices, Delivery, Menu branch locations and Contacts.

The KFC brand has been around in Ghana for a long time, and its food is of excellent quality at an affordable price. 

Its dishes are also available for order, and are delivered right to a customer’s doorstep in the shortest amount of time

 What is the correct KFC meaning? 

KFC is an abbreviation for Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

Although many people choose to use the initials, it’s more likely to be remembered that way. Besides, most people will not remember the full name. 

Who owns KFC Ghana? 

The KFC brand in Ghana is owned by Masco Foods.

 KFC Ghana menu 

KFC Ghana
KFC Ghana

KFC’s unique cuisine in Ghana and other African countries has contributed to its massive success. 

Prices usually vary based on the type of meal ordered. 

You don’t have to break the bank for a special treat with family or friends. 

Eziban food deliveries, for example, are available at KFC East Legon for as little as GHS 2.0. 

There are several categories on the KFC menu. 

You can choose from value, burgers, burger meals, twisters, sharing, snacks, treats, and sides. 

There are four distinct categories on the menu, including KFC deals, Just For Me, For Sharing, and Box meal. 

All branches have the same menu. 

Here is KFC Ghana’s menu price list in cedis. 

KFC deals 

The menu has the following options: 

  • Hot delivery deal – 4 pieces of chicken, regular chips and 300ml only on KFC Delivery – GH₵ 25.00 
  • Streetwise 10 – 10 chicken pieces and two large chips -GH₵80.00 
  • Tower burger – GH₵25.00 
  • Streetwise bucket For 1 – 1 chicken piece, two hot wings/ 2 pieces of crispy stripe and small chips – GH₵15.00 
  • Chicken rice bowl – Fried rice, chicken bites with Shito – GH₵14.00 
  • Streetwise 5 – 5 pieces of chicken and large chips – GH₵43.00 
  • Crunch burger with chips – 1 piece crunch burger with regular chips – GH₵15.00

Just For Me 

The menu has the following options: 


  • Streetwise 1 with chips at GH¢15.00 
  • Streetwise 2 with chips at GH¢20.00 
  • Streetwise 2 with rice at GH¢22.00 
  • Streetwise 3 with chips at GH¢26.00 
  • Streetwise 3 with rice at 3 pieces of chicken or hot & crispy and fried rice at GH¢28.00 
  • Streetwise 2 with mini loaf – 2 pieces of chicken and 1 mini loaf at GH¢20.00 


  • Burger meal – Sauces: zinger or colonel at GH¢35.00 
  • Zinger burger – A spicy zinger fillet topped with fresh lettuce, a slice of tomato and Colonel dressing on a burger bun at GH¢24.00 
  • Colonel burger – An original recipe fillet topped with fresh lettuce, a slice of tomato and colonel dressing on a burger bun at GH¢24.00 
  • Tower burger – Tower burger at GH¢28.00 


  • Box master meal – Sauces – zinger or colonel at GH¢40.00 
  • Twister meal – Sauces – zinger or colonel at GH¢35.00 
  • BoxMaster – Colonel/zinger sauces at GH¢30.00 
  • Twister – Colonel/zinger sauces at GH¢24.00 


  • Mini loaf – Mini loaf at GH¢4.00 
  • Cheese – Cheese at GH¢4.00 
  • Small chicken bites – Small chicken bites at GH¢15.00 
  • Hash brown – Hash brown at GH¢5.00 
  • One-piece chicken – 1 piece original recipe or hot & crispy at GH¢9.00 
  • Two-piece chicken – 2 pieces original recipe or hot & crispy at GH¢17.00 
  • 6 Lime chilli wings – 6 pieces of lime chilli wings at GH¢25.00 
  • 12 Lime chilli wings – 12 pieces of lime chilli wings at GH¢46.00 
  • 6 crispy strips – 6 crispy strips at GH¢29.00 
  • 3 crispy strips – 3 crispy strips at GH¢16.00 
  • Regular chicken bites – Chicken bites at GH¢19.00 
  • Large chips – Large chips at GH¢10.00 
  • Regular chips – Regular chips at GH¢8.00 
  • Fried rice – 350 Gram at GH¢11.00 
  • Coleslaw – Coleslaw at GH¢5.00 
  • Shito – Shito at GH¢2.00 


  • Regular coconut & banana krusher – Regular coconut & banana krusher at GH¢12.00 
  • Regular mango & passion krusher – Regular mango & passion krusher at GH¢12.00 
  • Mini coconut & banana krusher – Mini coconut & banana krusher at GH¢9.00 
  • Mini mango & passion krusher – Mini mango & passion krusher at GH¢9.00 
  • Mini oreo krusher – Mini oreo krusher at GH¢9.00 
  • Mini blueberry krusher – Mini blueberry krusher at GH¢9.00 
  • Regular oreo krusher – Regular oreo krusher at GH¢12.00 
  • Regular blueberry krusher – Regular blueberry krusher at GH¢12.00 
  • Sundae plain – Vanilla /chocolate sundae at GH¢9.00 
  • Soft twirl – Soft twirl at GH¢5.00 

For Sharing 

The menu has the following options: 

Family sharing 

  • Streetwise 10 – 10 Chicken pieces and 2 large chips at GH¢85.00 
  • Streetwise 5 – 5 Pieces of chicken and large chips at GH¢44.00 
  • Family treat – 6 Chicken pieces + 2pc regular chips, (4 pieces of hot wings / 4 pieces of crispy strips ), 2 pieces coleslaw, 2 pieces 350 gram fried rice, 2x 500 ML drink at GH¢110.00
  • Buckets
  • Variety bucket – 5 pieces of chicken, 10 hot wings and 10 crispy strips at GH¢110.00 (KFC bucket of chicken price) 
  • Nine-piece bucket – 9 pieces of original chicken or hot & crispy at gh¢75.00 
  • 12 piece bucket – pieces of original chicken or hot & crispy at GH¢99.00 
  • 15 piece bucket – 15 pieces of original chicken or hot & crispy at GH¢115.00 
  • 18 piece bucket – 18 pieces of original chicken or hot & crispy at GH¢135.00 

KFC Ghana branches 

KFC Ghana
KFC Ghana

What is the number of KFC branches in Ghana? 

More than twenty locations offer sweet fried chicken that can be enjoyed alone or with loved ones. 

There are a lot of them throughout the country, especially in urban centers. 

Some of its branches include:

KFC Dansoman Location: 

Asoredanho Mataheko JN, Dansoman Rd 

Phone: +233 30 393 4323 

KFC East Legon 

Location: 47 Lagos Ave, Accra 

Phone: +233 50 664 3860 

KFC Osu 

Location address: F739/2 Oxford St, Accra 

Phone: +233 30 296 3086 

KFC Tema Shell – Hospital Road, Community 11

 Location address: Hospital Rd, Tema 

Phone: +233 55 696 3080 

KFC Marina Mall 

Location address: 2nd floor, Airport Bypass Road Marina Mall Shopping center 

Phone: +233 26 169 6710

KFC Adenta 

Location address: Adenta Municipality 

Phone: +233 30 290 6093 

KFC Sakumono 

Location address: Comunity junction 18, Spintex Rd, Accra 

Phone: +233 24 575 0586 

KFC Haatso Agbogba 

Location address: MR96+4J North Legon, Accra 

Phone: +233 30 290 3598 

KFC Achimota Mall 

Location: Achimota mall, Nsawam Road 

Phone: +233 30 396 7975 

KFC Tamale 

Location address: Salaga Rd, Tamale 

Phone: +233 50 435 8881 15. 

KFC Sunyani 

Location address: Sunyani – Berekum Rd, Sunyani 

Phone: +233 20 243 9368 

KFC Bekwai 

Location address: Bekwai Roundabout, Kumasi 

Phone: +233 36 219 3743 

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