Kevin Owens net worth: How much is Kevin Owens worth?

Kevin Owens net worth
Kevin Owens

If you are a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, the name Kevin Owens shouldn’t be new to you.

Kevin is regarded as one of the best performers to grace the rings of WWE. From very humble beginnings, he took the WWE stage by storm.

This article delves into his net worth. How much is Kevin Owens worth? We will go into that in a bit, but first, let’s know the wrestler Kevin Owens.

Who is Kevin Owens?

Kevin Owens

Kevin Yanick Steen, popular by stage name Kevin Owens is a Canadian born professional wrestler. He shot to the limelight when he debuted on NXT in 2014. 

Kevin Owens was born in Quebec, Canada in 1984.

He is of French descent and speaks fluent French than English.

There are no details about his parents’ name. However, he has one brother. 

As a child, he played basketball, soccer and hockey.

He didn’t show any interest in taking any of these sports as a career path.

At age 10, after a brief injury, he chanced on wrestling and showed interest in becoming a wrestler.

He wasn’t good with English but with determination, he sat behind the television to learn the language.

His determination caught the eyes of his father, who helped him at every step of the way.

At age 14, he began training with former wrestler Serge Jodoin.

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He was later trained by Terry Taylor and Pierre Carl Quellet. 

Kevin began his career in the year 2000 at the age of 16.

As mentioned earlier, he made an appearance on NXT in 2014 and has gone on to win several titles in his career.

He is currently signed on to the Smackdown roaster.

Kevin has been prolific in his wrestling career, being one of the few wrestlers to challenge authority, namely Shane McMahon.

He was fired but filed a lawsuit against him and the WWE, of which he won.

How much is Kevin Owens worth?

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is regarded as one of the biggest earners in the WWE.

He signed a contract with the company that is reportedly going to last till 2025.

There is no real confirmation of the figures available but sources close to the company indicate that it’s a juicy contract.

Kevin Owens is estimated to be worth around $3 million.

Wife and children of Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is married to his long time sweetheart Karina Elias.

The couple met online in 2006 and tied the knot a year later.

They are blessed with two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. They have  a residence in Florida where they live happily as a family.

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