Kenyatta Odom parents: What we know about Evelyn Odom, Ulyster Sanders?

Kenyatta Odom parents: What we know about Evelyn Odom, Ulyster Sanders?

Baby Jane Doe was the name given to an unidentified female child whose  remains were found dumped in a trash pile in a rural area of Ware County.

For 35 years, her identity remained a mystery, but in 2023, she was finally identified as Kenyatta Odom.

Kenyatta is believed to have died in 1988.

The exact month of her death is unknown to investigators, but her remains were discovered in December 1988.

Kenyatta Odom’s  mother and  live-in boyfriend at the time have been indicted on charges of felony murder, first-degree child cruelty, aggravated battery-family violence, conspiracy to conceal a death and concealing a death.

Kenyatta Odom parents: Who are Evelyn Odom, Ulyster Sanders?

The name of Kenyatta Odom’s mother is Evelyn Odom, aka Zmecca Luciana.

The name of Kenyatta Odom has not been named at the moment, however, one Ulyster Sanders has been mentioned as the live-in boyfriend of Kenyatta Odom’s mother.

The indictment indicates that Kenyatta lived in a home with Odom and Sanders in Albany, Georgia, and that’s where she died.

According to the indictment, Odom and Sanders submerged Kenyatta in hot water, seriously disfiguring her legs and feet, which caused her death.

They then conspired to cover up her death by encasing her body in cement and putting her in the large television console that was dumped in the woods in Ware County, about two hours east of Albany, investigators said.

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