Kennisandra Jeffries: Biography, age, husband and other facts about Hakeem Jeffries wife

Kennisandra Jeffries
Kennisandra Jeffries

Celebrity lifestyle, politics and a few other things brings you up for media discussion, and no matter how private you want your life to be, certain aspects of you gets discussed in the media space.

We take a look at the profile of Kennisandra Jeffries, wife of Hakeem Jeffries who is an American politician – the Representative for the 8th congressional district of New York since 2013. 

Let’s get to business, shall we?

Who is Kennisandra Jeffries?

Kennisandra Arciniegas- Jeffries is an American social worker married to American politician Hakeem Jeffries.

She worked for a long time as a social worker at St. Vincent Hospital before transferring to the 1199 SEIU’s Benefit Fund.


Her exact date of birth and other frequently asked questions such as parents, siblings, school, etc are not available for public consumption.

Let’ simply conclude that she likes to keep a very private life.


Her spouse, Hakeem Jeffries is an American politician based in New York.

Touted as the next ‘BaracK Obama’ or ‘Brooklyn Barak Obama’, he is the Representative for the 8th congressional district of New York.  He assumed the position in 2013.

Hakeem Jeffries has however debunked the Obama tag, saying he sees no comparison between himself and Barack Obama apart from the fact that they share the same birth dates, August 4th.

Widely speculated information about Hakeem has it that he has a big eye on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s seat.

These speculations are due to how fast he is rising as a politician who has been active for just a decade.

Dreams do come true and we wish him the very best.

Interesting facts about Kennisandra Jeffries

Kennisandra Jeffries, with husband, Hakeem Jeffries and children
Kennisandra Jeffries with husband, Hakeem Jeffries and children

Kennisandra has been married to her husband for more than two decades.

Even though the exact date of their marriage is unknown, the two share 2 children together – a son born to them in 2001 and another born to them in 2004. 

Kennisandra, even though very discreet about her married life to her 49 year old politician husband has been known to be very supportive of his career.

She has been captured in most campaign and public appearance her husband makes but has refused to grant interviews to the media.


Again, we can’t place a finger on her net worth, but we can assume that by her affiliation to the SEIU Trust Fund, she earns a little above 58,000 dollars a year as her salary.

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