Who is Kendo Kinsey? What we know about the NYPD Officer who punched a woman in the face after they exchanged shoves in Harlem.

Kendo Kinsey
Kendo Kinsey

NYPD officer identified as Kendo Kinsey, is in the news for punching a woman in the face after they exchanged shoves in Harlem.

The incident happened on W136 Street in Harlem around 5pm on Tuesday as the Detective Kendo Kinsey and his colleagues attempted to arrest 22-year-old Elvin James, wanted in connection to an August 12 murder.

As officers were effecting the arrest of the suspect, numerous individuals began to swarm the officers, with some physically assaulting them in the process.

One such individual was 19-year-old Tamani Crum (the girlfriend of the attempted murder suspect being arrested), who decided to walk up and start slapping officer Kendo Kinsey.

Moments after the woman delivered a flurry of slaps against the large officer, Kendo Kinsey opted to defend himself with what appeared to be a slap that managed to send the aggressive woman straight to the floor.

Kinsey and another officer then calmly helped the woman to her feet, then cuffed and led her away wordless and with a blank expression on her face.

Who is Kendo Kinsey?

Officer Kendo Kinsey profile on NYPD 32nd Precinct page on Facebook indicates that, the NYPD officer was born in the Bronx and after spending 8 years in the Marine Corp has lived all over the country.

While in the USMC, Officer Kinsey worked with a few reservists who were police officers in NYC; it was their love for what they did that drove him to join the ranks of the NYPD.

Kinsey began service with the NYPD as a police officer in 2005.

He became a detective specialist in 2021 and serves in the 32nd Precinct.

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