Kayleigh Scott: What we know about Trans flight attendant who committed suicide

Kayleigh Scott
Kayleigh Scott

Transgender flight attendant Kayleigh Scott was found dead Monday in her Colorado home.

A harrowing post to her Instagram and Facebook pages hours before Kayleigh Scott died said: ‘As I take my final breaths and exit this living earth, I would like to apologize to everyone I let down.

‘I am so sorry I could not be better. To those that I love, I am sorry I could not be stronger. To those that gave me their everything, I am sorry my effort was not reciprocated.

‘Please understand that me leaving is not a reflection of you, but the result of my own inability to turn myself for the better. To Ashley, Cynthia, Regine & Sophia. I am so sorry.

‘Please remember me for the good memories we have shared, and never for my downfall. I will see you all again on the other side.’

She concluded the note with the words, ‘Brianna, I’m coming’, in reference to her friend Brianna Moore, who took her own life aged 15 in February 2016.

Friends initially responded with messages of support and offers of help for Kayleigh, and several also contacted authorities with their concerns about the post.

But several hours later her sister, Ashley Scott, confirmed that she had passed away.

‘To all who have commented and those watching this post, Kay has passed,’ Ashley said. ‘Thank you for your concern and outpouring of love for her. We are going to miss her so much.’

Who was Kayleigh Scott?

Kayleigh Scott ( age 25 ) was an American transgender flight attendant.

In 2020, Kayleigh appeared in a United commercial to celebrate Transgender Visibility Day, which falls on March 31.

The video spoke about her struggles, saying that there was a lot of pain in her eyes and that everyone deserves to know her story, adding:

“Not for me, but for those out there who are still fighting social norms, the boundaries set upon them, fighting themselves. G*y, l**bian, bi, trans, pan, whatever, whoever your identify as, come out to be counted.”

Scott said that United contributed a lot to her transition and that her life changed when she joined the organization.

She added that she was supported by her company, the business resource group for LGBTQ+ employees, and the rest of her co-workers and that she was able to break free of her chains and has been living her life confidently.

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