Justin Mohn mother: Denice Mohn bio, age, husband, children & other facts

Justin Mohn mother: Denice Mohn bio
Justin Mohn mother: Denice Mohn bio

Denice Mohn is the mother of Justin Mohn, a Pennsylvania man decapitating his father Michael Mohn- then held up the victim’s head in a politically-charged YouTube video blasting the federal government and the Biden administration.

Currently, Justin Mohn is in custody Pennsylvania after his father Michael was found by his wife Denice Mohn, beheaded, inside of the home that the trio shared in the quiet Philadelphia suburb of Levittown.

Records show that Mohn live in his parents $390,000 home with his brother Zachary, 35, and his sister Stephanie, 38 – having been fired from a job in Colorado for kicking open an office door.

Who is Denice Mohn?

Denice Mohn, born in 1961 and aged 63, is known as the mother of Justin Mohn and the wife of the late Michael Mohn.

Denice Mohn attended Delhaas High School and pursued further education at Trenton State College.

In a past obituary, Michael F. Mohn was listed as married to Denice Mohn.

Her page says that the couple had four children –  Michael Jr, Zachary Mohn, 35, Stephanie Mohn, 38 and Justin Mohn, 32.


Denice Mohn’s Facebook page doesn’t contain any visible political posts.

Her husband Michael is believed to have owned two businesses – a cleaning company, and a literacy initiative. There is no evidence of his being a federal employee.

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About Justin Mohn

According to, He graduated from Penn State in business management in 2014, but struggled to hold down any job in the decade since.

Instead he has self-published eight books which claim to ‘only wish to bring positive change to the world’, including ‘The Second Messiah’, which he said is ‘loosely based on him.’

Written and producer a number of spotify songs about his debt, his struggles as a white man and that fact that his dad was jealous of him and wouldn’t let him succeed.

His conspiracy theories echo similar grievances as those associated with the QAnon Movement, a far-right group created in 2017.

He has tried to sue the federal government four times for allowing him to borrow money to attend college without informing him that he would struggle to find work afterwards because he is ‘an overeducated white man’.

The most recent of these claims was filed in 2023, which the judge threw out as it had ‘no legal standing’.

In 2019 Mohn also sued Progressive Insurance after he failed to move ahead in the company, which he claimed was because he was a man.

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