Jumia Announces Exciting Black Fridays Offer

Jumia Black Friday 2021

Jumia Black Friday 2021

The leading e-commerce platform in Africa, Jumia, has unveiled its 9th installment of Jumia Black Friday under the theme “It’s Black Friday every Black Friday” targeted at consumers with everyday essentials.

As part of Jumia’s ninth edition, thousands of brands and sellers will join forces to provide consumers with a wide selection of products at the best prices.

Home and living, beauty, fashion, and food delivery are among the other categories expected to have amazing deals.

What is Jumia Black Friday?

Jumia black Friday is an annual event in which shoppers compete to find the best deals on electronics, fashion, home and sporting goods, toys, video games, appliances, tv sets, tablets, smartphones, laptops and lots more; all for incredibly low prices.

Having trouble understanding? Okay, let me give you a quick explanation.

With Jumia Black Friday, a smartphone usually priced at 2000 cedis can be purchased for 1500 cedis or less if the buyer places the order before the deal expires.


As part of the campaign that will take place from November 5 to 26, brands such as Adidas, Umidigi, HP, Unilever, Diageo, and a host of others are involved.

Which deals should you look out for at this year’s big shopping event? Learn more below.

Jumia Black Friday 2021 Offers: What To Expect This Season

It’s the most exciting time of the year! Just as Jumia Black Friday 2020 was one of the best ever, Jumia Black Friday 2021 is expected to be even better.

Jumia promises to make Black Friday a memorable shopping experience for everyone.

Therefore, all of us must stay glued to our laptops or mobile phones so that we won’t miss out on this exciting sale.

As you consider your budget when shopping, you’ll be pleased to know that Jumia is offering discount deals of up to 80% off on millions of products this season.

Jumia Black Friday 2021: What to Expect

  • 1. Free Jumia Vouchers

Saving money with voucher codes allows you to enjoy an unbelievable shopping experience and save big.

Consider the scenario of buying 5,000gh worth of something for 2,000gh. Isn’t that amazing?

By using these voucher codes, you can save up to 3,000gh on any item you purchase. 

  • Exclusive Daily Deals

The Black Friday sales will begin in a few days, and shoppers will be able to find huge discounts across all product categories.


Considering the amount of offers available, you can be assured you will not be left out if you act fast.

  • 3. Jumia Flash Sales Deals

dsb flash

Jumia Flash sales 2021 offers huge discounts every single day during Black Friday period, across all product categories.

It is known as a flash sale since supplies are limited.

 During the flash sale, you can choose items from all categories.

Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt (Up To 99% Off)

A Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt encourages customers to find a product at 99% off, almost for FREE – that is hidden randomly throughout the site (For example, a TV can be hidden within the category of Women Shoes, under the name “Slippers”).

 The rest of the items will remain unchanged.

Anyone who finds it wins. Some rules are usually involved in the game.

Treasure Hunt Rules

  • Each treasure hunt has only ONE available item, and it is almost FREE at 99% off.
  • The item for the day is hidden randomly on the website
  • Date and time are shown on the calendar
  • On the Jumia Mobile App, a clue will tell you where to search.
  • Order it as soon as you find it!

 How Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt Works

  1. Log in to the Jumia App
  2. Each item has only one unit to be found at 99% off
  3. Each item will be hidden in Black Friday deals page
  4. Start searching for the item at the exact time specified
  5. Once you find item, checkout and pay immediately or pay on delivery

NOTE: The Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunts 2021 are going to be happening on Fridays only and at 2 different timings:

First: 12AM midnight

Second: 6PM

Jumia App users are eligible for these exclusive offers. In order to participate, you need to go to your mobile device’s App Store on iOS or Google Play Store on Android to download the app.

Jumia Black Friday 2021 for Phones Offer 

There is no doubt that there will be a lot of great deals to enjoy, including on phone purchases.

Due to the fact that this is the season of discounts, Jumia Black Friday for Phones will cover all brands and models.

Deals on mobile phones will be better than usual.

Get your favorite device at an affordable price with discounts of up to 99% Off.

Checkout below link for even more Smart Phone deals

Link – Mobile Phone Offers

How Jumia Black Friday Works

There is no difference between Jumia Black Friday and other days, except you get better deals it works just like any other day

Follow these steps to make the most of Black Friday

  • Download Jumia Mobile App for best of deals
  • Learn from the tips above on what to expect
  • Subscribe to Jumia Newsletter to get first hand information on trending deals
  • Learn more about Treasure Hunt, Flash sales and other deals to partake
  • Know what to shop on
  • Don’t waste time when shopping
  • Exercise patient with delivery as tons of other people are also shopping

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