My ex-husband cancelled our white wedding for unknown reason – Juliet Ibrahim recounts

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim’s marriage to Kwadwo Safo Jnr became shrouded in 2014 but what led to the actual divorce was not known until now when she opened up on divorce with her ex-husband on the Delay Show.

Juliet Ibrahim married Kwadwo Safo Jnr, a prominent Ghanaian businessman and the current CEO of Kantanka Group in 2010 after she got pregnant for him in the course of their friendship. Their union was blessed with a son, Jayden Safo but later ended in shambles.

Opening up on the Delay Show about her failed marriage with the prominent businessman, Juliet noted that things happened and ended really fast adding that she is glad to have been able to heal from the painful experience.

She narrated that her ex-husband called off their wedding which was supposed to happen right after going through the court process.

After court documents were signed, preparations made, it seemed she was not given a good reason for which the wedding could not hold.

Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

In her narration,Juliet Ibrahim said:

“It was crazy. It was a very crazy experience that period and I’m glad that I was able to move on and heal from it after so many years because there were no reasons given to me at the time. There were just different excuses as to why it couldn’t happen.

“I was acting before we met so he approached me through a friend so we started talking, he knew my career and he was ready to be a part of my life so when you’re dating somebody it’s what you say and talk about with the person that matters. Everything people say from outside, you don’t listen to it because you’re in love and you’re just happy with the person so, I’m that kind of person I believed in everything he and I shared”

Although she believed there were things she did not know about, she could not categorically state what she should have known before proceeding to accept the proposal.

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“And I think there were little things that he didn’t tell me about. I have no idea what exactly and we’ve not really gotten to that point where we spoke about it anymore because the whole thing just ended very fast; next minute we’re planning for a white wedding, next minute I’m hearing stories that oh sorry it can’t happen again because we want to do it in grand style. We don’t want to do it the way we’ve planned or something else. All kinds of excuses,” she said.

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