Juliet Ibrahim Narrates How She Survived An Accident 2 Years Ago

Juliet Ibrahim Narrates How She Survived An Accident 2 Years Ago
Juliet Ibrahim Narrates How She Survived An Accident 2 Years Ago

Road accidents have taken the lives of a number of celebrities on the African continent. Some few days ago, popular Ivorian singer, DJ Arafat became the latest African star to lose his life in a road accident and we are still wondering why this keeps happening to our stars.

Some few of these celebrities have also survived such accidents and have lived to tell their stories. The latest to share her story is award-winning Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim.

The actress has disclosed in an interview with Accra Fm’s Romeo on Wednesday that she nearly lost her life in a road accident in Abuja, Nigeria some two years ago.

Juliet Ibrahim was sharing the motivation behind writing her new book, ‘A Toast of Life”. Narrating how it happened, she said her team and her were returning to her base in Nigeria after she had hosted a program in Abuja, Nigeria at about 9pm. Her driver was driving rather slowly but almost ran into a parked trailer by the roadside. In an effort to prevent a disaster, he swerved to the other side of the road and ran into another vehicle moving rather slowly. She added that the incident happened so fast and it took grace to finally come out of the car. Afterwards, she placed a call for help and Mercy Johnson who was also at the program showed up to pick her team and herself up to the hospital.


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Juliet Ibrahim recounted asking herself what her legacy would be should she have lost her life that evening. “It gave me a wake up call that if I had died, that’s it. Nobody will know my story. Nobody will know how I made it this far.” She then had to transform a story about her life which she was already working on for a movie production into a book, and that’s how come she wrote her book, “A Toast of Life”.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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