I’m just waiting for my death – Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

I'm just waiting for my death - Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Former AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, has made disturbing comments about her life.

According to her, she has been “traumatised” for years and forcing to be happy but only waiting for her death.

“I’m only a traumatised soul wondering about for many years, forcing myself to be happy but only waiting for Nature’s call to eternity.” she wrote on Facebook.

She added, “Life is perpetual pain. Death is end of pain”.

She also posted an apparent video of herself crying uncontrollably as she listened to Celine Dion’s ‘A New Day Has Come’.

She captioned the video, “Reality is catching up with me step by step.”

Joyce tests positive for HIV/AIDS on live camera

It will be recalled that Joyce Mensah publicly tested positive for HIV/AIDS last month (June 2, 2021).

Joyce had come down from Hamburg, Germany to do the test on live camera to prove to Ghanaians and the world that she and her children do not have HIV/AIDS as it had long been speculated.

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The news speculating about her children’s status and the stigma she had suffered herself is what pushed her to take the bold step to prove her doubters wrong.

Unfortunately, things did not go as expected as the results from the test proved that she was indeed HIV/AIDS positive.

Her children however tested negative for the virus.

Prior to the live test, Joyce after ending her ambassadorial deal with the Ghana AIDS Commission constantly denied her status and said she was negative.

She explained that what led her retract her initial diagnosis was because a section of the Ghanaian populace ridiculed her family after news broke that she was an HIV patient.

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