John Moseley wife: Who is Crystal Moseley?

John Moseley wife: Who is Crystal Moseley?

The president of Lincoln University, John Moseley is married to Dr. Crystal Moseley.

Crystal is an assistant professor of wellness and physical education at the Lincoln university.

She obtained a Bachelor of Science, Exercise and Sport Science at the East Carolina University and received her Master of Arts, Health Education at the same institution.

She also obtained Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

What is her husband John Moseley accused of?

Dr John Moseley, the president of Lincoln University since January 2022 is facing backlash over allegations he drove a female colleague to kill herself, after she cited him in a final letter calling him a ‘bully’ with a ‘callous and evil soul.’

He was voluntarily placed on leave this week amid an investigation into the death of Dr Antoinette ‘Bonnie’

Candia-Bailey, his vice president of student affairs who killed herself on January 8.

The educator’s loved ones told HBCU Buzz that her suicide was the result of ‘bullying and severe mistreatment’ at the hands of Moseley, and their relationship allegedly deteriorated due to his reaction to her anxiety and depression.

Protests erupted across the campus in the wake of Candia-Bailey’s suicide and students have demanded Moseley’s resignation, with the president put on leave while a third-party review of the incident is carried out for several weeks.

Family sources alleged that Candia-Bailey made repeat efforts to call out Moseley’s alleged behavior, but was left ‘unsupported, disregarded and abused’ in her role.

This included a final email written by Candia-Bailey on the day she took her own life, sent at 6:15am, where she reportedly said Moseley had caused ‘enough harm and mental damage.’

She claimed that he joked about her struggles with mental health, and outlined a ‘series of issues’ with the university’s leadership including misconduct by the Moseley’s advisory council and a toxic work environment.

Feeling she was being ‘intentionally harassed and bullied’, Candia-Bailey said Moseley ‘ignored requests’ when she raised issues, and ‘when face-to-face, danced around the topic.’

It was also alleged that when Candia-Bailey made complaints about her treatment to the Board of Curators, the board president brushed off her struggles, and merely responded: ‘Please be advised the Board of Curators does not engage in the management of personnel issues for Lincoln University and will not be taking further action related to this issue.’

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