Joe Hooten parents: Who are Gibson & Suzanne Hooten?

Joe Hooten parents: Who are Gibson & Suzanne Hooten?
Joe Hooten parents: Who are Gibson & Suzanne Hooten?

Corinne Foxx and Joseph Hooten are trending on social media after the former announced their engagement.

Corrine and Hooten, who both attended University of Southern California, have been linked since 2018, per Page Six.

The actress shared her first snap with Hooten in 2019, when the couple posed at a horse stable. “Spent the weekend with a couple of studs,” Corrine wrote at the time via Instagram.

Even though we would love to talk more about the couple, this article seeks to know who Joe Hooten parents are.

If you have the same question bugging your mind, take a read.

Who are Gibson & Suzanne Hooten?

Joe Hooten was born in Barlett, Tennessee to parents Gibson & Suzanne Hooten.

Joe Hooten parents have been married since 1985.

Gibson and Suzanne Hooten are experienced therapists and they co-own Clearwater Beach Spa.

They began their healing arts mission in 1987, two years after they got married.

We have no information about their educational background, but we will surely update this article should we find something worthy.

Who is Corrine Foxx’s fiancee Joe Hooten? 

Joseph Hooten, better known as Joe, is a Los Angeles, California,-based writer and filmmaker.

Joe attended Florida State University before transferring to the University of Southern California.

At the University of Southern California (USC), Joe graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film and television production in 2015.

However, Joe did not graduate until 2013, when he began working in the entertainment industry. From May to August 2013, he worked as a development intern at Atmosphere Entertainment.

In April 2013, Joe went on to work as a production assistant for Film Independent. Meanwhile, he worked as an intern for Starz Entertainment’s original programming from May to August 2014.

Joe then started working as a finance and marketing intern for Bangkok, Thailand’s Maneeya Reality Company.

In a similar vein, Joe started working as a teaching assistant at USC in 2015.

Joe Hooten began working as an agent trainee at the United Talent Agency in Beverly Hills, California, in May 2016, and he accumulated experience there until August 2017.

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