Jeremy Sherland: What we know about the incident involving Arkansas dad who was arrested for body art without a license

Jeremy Sherland, Arkansas
Jeremy Sherland, Arkansas

A 45 year old Arkansas man identified as Jeremy Sherland, has been arrested for allegedly piercing his son’s ears.

Jeremy Sherland is sighted on the viral video scoffing and laughing as five police officers arrest him inside his home, while his wife and son protest.

Sherland is heard saying: ‘Body art without a license!’ His son, who films the encounter, yells at the police at one point: ‘I wanted my ears pierced!’

What we know

According to, the incident began when the boy was seen in class with a piercing in his left ear.

He was overheard saying his father was drunk and put him in a chokehold, then ‘shoved the piercing in his ear,’ according to the police.

A Springdale police school resource officer contacted the Tontitown Police Department on Thursday about conducting a welfare check.

Tontitown officers went to the family home, and Sherland admitted to piercing his son’s ear, but would not let them speak to his son or answer questions.

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Police then returned with an arrest warrant, issued by the prosecuting attorney for Washington County, Matt Durrett.

Multiple officers hold him against the wall and place him in handcuffs, as a woman can be heard asking for an explanation.

The person recording, who identifies himself on TikTok as the son, asks: ‘Why are you doing this?’

When officers state the charge, Sherland laughs and says: ‘Body art without a license!’

He briefly resists before police succeed in shoving him out the door, and his wife and son follow.

‘Piercing is done here without a license,’ she yells after them, as he is marched down the street.

‘It takes three cops, four cops, coming into my house with no permission. No permission and busted in my front door.

‘This is the boy right here who got a pierced ear by his dad. These cops busted in my front door. Busted in the front door.’

The boy adds: ‘I wanted my ears pierced.’

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