Jeremy Pauley: Details of how Pennsylvania man allegedly buys & sells human remains on Facebook

Jeremy Pauley
Jeremy Pauley

Jeremy Pauley, a 40 year old Pennsylvania man have been arrested for allegedly purchasing and selling human remains on Facebook.

Jeremy Pauley, is currently facing charges of receiving stolen property, dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities, and abuse of a corpse.

Police say they spoke Jeremy Pauley who said he was a collector of “oddities” and that he had three full skeletons and approximately 15-20 human skulls.

Police say these items were “very old and came from a legitimate purchase.”

Details of how Jeremy Pauley allegedly buys & sells human remains on Facebook

Jeremy Pauley
Jeremy Pauley

Police originally received complaints in June of body parts being sold on Facebook.

On July 8, police served a search warrant at Pauley’s residence, where they allegedly found “human brains, heart, livers, skin and lungs” inside three 5-gallon buckets in his basement.

According to court records, the buckets contained two human brains, skin, a heart, kidney, spleen, fat, skull with hair, two livers, six pieces of skin/fat, a trachea, a child mandible with teeth, and two lungs.

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Further investigation revealed that Pauley was allegedly buying human remains via Facebook Messenger from a woman in Arkansas.

Police say Pauley bought $4,000 worth of body parts consisting of half a head, a whole head minus the skull cap, three brains with skull cap, one heart, one liver, one lung, two kidneys, one full female pelvis, one piece of skin with a nipple, and four hands.

Police determined the items were shipped via the United States Postal Service from Arkansas.

An investigation by FBI Arkansas and Arkansas State Police shows a woman, identified in court records as Candace Scott, was allegedly stealing body parts from a mortuary in Arkansas that were the property of the University of Arkansas.

Pennsylvania court records did not say whether the woman was charged.

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