Locklyn Callazzo & Loreli Callazzo: How 18-months-old twins drowned in murky outdoor pool

Jenny Callazzo, Loreli Callazzo
Jenny Callazzo

 18-months-old, Locklyn Callazzo and Loreli Callazzo have drowned in a pool at their family’s mansion after their great-grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, inadvertently left a door open.

According to, Locklyn and Loreli Callazzo were found at the bottom of the murky water feature at their parents home in Oklahoma City on Thursday.

Their mom Jenny Callazzo, 37, made the horrifying discovery and was seen administering CPR by Oklahoma City firefighters as they arrived on the scene.

What happened

The incident unfolded, according to one relative of the family, because Jenny Callazzo’s grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, left the back door open, allowing the twins access to the pool

They added: ‘Please pray for the twins’ siblings and all of our family.’

Locklyn Callazzo & Loreli Callazzo’s death was confirmed nearly three hours later, at 1pm.

An investigation has been launched by local police into the deaths, but they confirmed that there appears to be no “criminal” intent at play.

Aerial footage of the home showed a pool filled with dark green water, apparently as the result of thick algae.

Locklyn Callazzo & Loreli Callazzo
Locklyn Callazzo & Loreli Callazzo

Police have launched an investigation into the deaths, but added that it does not appear to be criminal in nature.

Just days before the tragic incident, she posted pictures of the twins outside the property with the caption ‘just want to play outside’.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with expenses following the death of the toddlers and has raised $5,000 of a $7,500 goal so far.

It read: ‘These beautiful babies were taken from us too soon. Anything you can give to help with expenses would be greatly appreciated. We appreciate everyone’s love and support.’

Oklahoma City Fire Department reacts

The Oklahoma City Fire Department said they are unsure exactly how long the toddlers were in the pool.

Neighbors described witnessing a distraught Jenny get into the back of an EMS vehicle as paramedics battled to save the toddlers.

First responders continued CPR on the children as they transported them to Baptist Hospital, but they were pronounced dead on arrival.

Greg Merrell, Battalion Chief OKCFD, said: ‘It was a male and female… They were siblings.’

Locals also confirmed the family had lived at the property for around a year before the tragic incident.

Neighbor Mike Bernard told News 4: ‘It’s certainly disturbing. And, you know, my prayers go out to that family because little children are precious.

‘They brought out two little children and put them in separate ambulances. And they were doing CPR on both little children.

‘I saw the mother who was distraught, who got in an EMS vehicle.’

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