Jason Pass from Flatbush Gardens: Bladimy Mathurin & Chin Wai Mode murder suspect identified

Jason Pass from Flatbush Gardens
Jason Pass

Police in New York City have identified Jason Pass, 47, as the suspect in the fatal shooting of two upstairs neighbors in a Flatbush Gardens apartment building on Sunday night.

Pass was caught on video shooting Bladimy Mathurin, 47, and Chin Wai Mode, 27, in the hallway of the building following an ongoing noise dispute.

Jason Pass, who lives in the apartment directly below Bladimy Mathurin’s fourth-floor apartment, had repeatedly complained about the noise that Mathurin and his family were making, according to police.

According to NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny, someone from Jason Pass’ apartment made six 311 calls complaining about the noise from the apartment above beginning on March 8, 2022. The caller complained about “constant banging on the floor.”

(They were) noise complaints. Basically people walking,” Kenny said. “We come to find out the apartment upstairs didn’t have carpeting. It’s a wood floor, so a lot of noise, people walking back and forth generated these calls.”

Cops investigated the complaints but they were determined not to be criminal after speaking to both tenants, Kenny said.

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Bladimy Mathurin
Bladimy Mathurin

The downstairs neighbor was seen on a grisly surveillance video pulling pulling a pistol with a green laser scope and opening fire on Mathurin just moments after the two men stood toe-to-toe.

Mathurian threatened Pass with a pair of scissors just before the shooting as relatives tried to pull him away from the gunman.

When Pass pulled his weapon, everyone scattered.

Mathurian was repeatedly shot in the back and the head as he ran back to his apartment. Mode, Mathurian’s stepson, was fatally shot trying to run to the hallway staircase, the video shows.

After shooting both men, Pass didn’t make a quick escape. Instead, he called the elevator and waited 20 seconds for it to arrive, the video shows.

“That guy killed my son, my husband,” Mathurian’s wife Marie Luc Delille, 48, said from her apartment Monday as blood still pooled outside the door. “That guy terrified my family. The only family I have, my husband and my children. I have nobody else.”

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