Jason Hoganson: How alcohol and drugs contributed to his downfall as a rising Hollywood star.

Jason Hoganson
Jason Hoganson

As a rising star in Hollywood, Jason Hoganson once had the world at his feet after landing a role in a big screen film.

Hoganson started in the 1987 Hollywood film Empire State, alongside Irish actor Ray McAnally, Jamie Foreman and US star Martin Landau.

It was his breakout role, and could have set him on the road to stardom.

However, Jason Hoganson, 51, fell into a tragic spiral of addiction and crime that has landed him more than 100 convictions and several periods in jail.

He suffered a lot with his mental health, took drugs and drank alcohol.

Today, Jason Hoganson, is behind bars again after he was caught breaking into a flat after missing his last bus home while drunk.

He stole only a cap and a jacket after forcing his way into a property in Newcastle in April.

As he was jailed for eight months last week, a court heard of the former actor’s descent into substance abuse and rough sleeping.

“His life could have been very different,” said defence lawyer Nick Lane.

Jason Hoganson: How alcohol and drugs contributed to his downfall as a rising Hollywood star

Jason Hoganson
Jason Hoganson

According to the, e turned drink and drugs to help cope with his mental turmoil, but it only sent him deeper into a spiral.

In 1996, he was jailed for seven years for aggravated burglary in which he threatened a woman in her home.

While inside he lost contact with his five children, and after his release in 2002 he spent years seven being treated as a psychiatric outpatient.

By the end of 2009 he was back in jail after being convicted of attacking his partner.

After his release in 2012, Hoganson told how he was was living on the streets after getting hooked on drugs and losing contact with his family.

He said: “I’m like the black sheep.

“My mum has done everything for me, she’s a really lovely woman, but my family have had enough and I don’t blame them.

“I can’t keep putting them through this.”

He said he spent his days trying to keep warm in cafes, and bedded down on the pavement at night between rubbish bins.

“None of my family have got a criminal record.

“All I need is my own little place. That would mean that if any of my children wanted to come and see me in later life, they could. 

“I have missed so much of their lives and no amount of money can get that back.”

In 2020, he was jailed again after he was caught carrying two knives in the street – just three weeks after being let out of prison for another offence.

A judge heard he broke into a property on Newcastle’s Groat Market shortly after midnight on April 19.

A resident became aware of him in his bedroom and he asked for a cigarette before leaving.

Another resident followed him and out called police who caught up with him in an alleyway between Cloth Market and High Bridge.

CCTV showed him entering the residence and leaving 20 minutes later with the clothing.

Defence lawyer Nick Lane said despite Hoganson’s previous record of 103 convictions, he is not a habitual burglar.

He added: “Through me, he would wish to apologise to the occupants in the address because he understands they would have been caused alarm by his actions.

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