These are the most popular Italian surnames or last names with meanings ( Complete List )

Italian Last Names
Italian Last Names

Your family’s place of origin can be determined by the way your Italian last names is spelled. 

Italian last names ending in -o, for example, are common in southern Italy, whereas names ending in -a or -i are more common in northern Italy.

Numerous Italian last names derive from nicknames.

The surname Rossi means “redhead” in Italian and is the most common surname in the country. collected the top Italian surnames with meanings, along with the most popular ones. 

Several of those names sound nice as first names. 

In this comprehensive list, you can explore the many different ways that you can bring a piece of Italy to your home.

Most Popular Italian Last Names Or Surnames:

Italian Last Names Or Surnames
Italian Last Names Or Surnames

1. Accardi:

The name Accardi means ‘hardy’ or ‘brave’ in Italian.

2. Agosti:

The name Augustus is derived from the Latin term augustus, which means favored with good fortune. 

Among the various names recorded are Agosta, Agostaro, Agostino, and Augusto.

3. Ajello:

The Latin word for ‘field’ or ‘ager’ gives rise to Ajello, a name typically associated with farmers.

4. Amato:

The name Amato means ‘beloved’ and comes from the Latin word Amatus.

5. Barbieri:

The name Barbiere is derived from the Italian word that means barber. 

Barbiera, Barberi, Barbieri, and Barberio are other popular variants.

6. Barone:

Coming from the Latin word barus meaning ‘brave’, this Italian surname can also be used as a first name.


The name Bernhard or Beornheard comes from the words bern, which means bear, and hard, which means strong or hardy.


‘Bianco’ is a common Italian surname meaning ‘white’. The surname is among the nickname surnames and was originally given to people with white hair or very pale skin.


As a variant of Bruno, it denotes the color ‘brown’. 

A warm, earthy name like this would be ideal for your daughter, just like the color brown.

10. Bruno:

Bruno is one of the most famous Italian surnames, popularized by Mars Bruno, the famous singer and musician. 

Known as a nickname for someone with brown hair, Bruno originated from the Italian word for brown. 

It has become a popular name worldwide, including the US.

11. Caputo:

The word caputo derives from the Italian capo, a name for a person who is very focused and unyielding.

12. Carbone:

The meaning of this surname is ‘charcoal’ or ‘coal’ in Italian. 

Charcoal miners, coal merchants, and charcoal burners had the last name Carbone as their last name.

13. Caruso:

Among Italian families, this popular surname refers to a boy or apprentice. 

This surname became famous worldwide through the Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso.

14. Cattaneo:

In Italian, this word means ‘captain’. Most likely, this was given to someone who was a captain of a ship or group. 

There are five versions: Capitani, Capitanio, Cattanei, Cattano, and Cattani.

15. Colombo:

Colombo is a common occupational surname derived from the Latin term columbe, which means ‘dove’. 

Christoforo Colombo or Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America, was the most famous bearer of the name during the middle ages. 

You might want to consider the name for your little explorer.

16. Conte:

In the past, people who worked for counts were usually given this surname, which means ‘companion’. 


This popular surname also means ‘a little round hat’, so you could use it as a nickname if you love wearing hats.

18. Costa:

The name is a version of another Italian surname, Di Costa. 

Costa is Italian for rib, which means a ‘slope’ or ‘coast’. 

This is an adorable nickname for a little girl.

19. D’Angelo:

‘Angelic’ is the meaning of this surname. 

There are other variations of this name, including Di Angelo, Angelo, Angela, Angioli, Angiolo, Angiola, Agnoli, Agnolo, Agnola, D’Angeli, D’Angelo, D’Angiolo and many more.

20. De Luca:

The name is common among Italian families and means “son of Lucas”. 

In addition, this name has many variations, like Lucarelli, Lucas, Lucchi, Lucco, Luchi, and Lucca.

21. De Santis:

Sanctus means ‘holy’ or ‘devout,’ which is where De Santis comes from.

22. DeVille:

The hip Italian last name means ‘villa’ or ‘village’.

23. Donato:

Donato is a name that is suitable for a baby boy who is truly loving and generous, as the Latin word Donare means ‘to give’. 

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It is derived from the old Italian word esposto, meaning ‘to expose’.

The name is famous among celebrities such as Argentine actress and singer Mariana Esposito, American actress Jennifer Esposito, and fictional character Javier Esposito from the hit TV series Castle.

25. Fabbri:

It derives from the word Faber, meaning ‘craftsman’ or ‘smith’.


Farina means flour, and Farinella, Farinela, Farinelli, and many other variations are also used to name it.

27. Ferrara:

Originally, the name Ferrara came from the Latin ferro, meaning “iron”. 

It was used as a surname by blacksmiths.

28. Fiore:

Fiore is a charming surname that makes a lovely first name. It means ‘flower blossom’. 

Fiorelli, Fiorone, Fiorani, and Floris are other variations that you can choose from.

29. Fontana:

‘Fons’ is a Latin word that means ‘spring’. 

Names like this come from the topographical group of names given to people living around springs.

30. Gallo:

The word Gallo comes from the Latin word Gallus, meaning rooster. 

The name was popular during the middle ages and is still popular today.


The name is derived from the Italian word Gatto, which means ‘tomcat’. 

People with cat-like qualities were probably given this name.

32. Gentile:

The name Gentile, which means “of the same stock”, is a popular Italian surname.

33. Giordano:

The name Giordano derives from the word Jordan, which refers to the holy river.

 Watchmaker Giordano made this surname famous.

34. Grasso:

According to the meaning of the surname Grasso, this refers to an overweight or stout person.


The name comes from the Latin graecus, which means ‘Greek’, which is one of the most famous Italian surnames.

A few famous Grecos include Joey Greco, a reality TV star, and Viviana Greco, a supermodel.

36. Guerra:

A soldier is usually identified by this common Italian name, which means ‘war’.

37. Guiluliani:

Lullius is a common Italian surname derived from the Latin word that means ‘youthful.’

38. Leone:

Originally derived from the Italian word lion (leone), it is a popular Italian surname for lion-hearted babies. 

39. Leoni:

As an alternative to Leone for your lion-hearted baby boy, Leoni is appropriate for the little lioness.

40. Lombardi:

The surname Lombardi is usually given to people from northern Italy’s Lombardy region.

41. Longo:

Longo is not only a popular Italian surname, but would also make a very cute nickname for your little boy. 

Originally an Italian word for long or tall.

42. Mancini:

It comes from the Italian word mancino, which means left-handed or ambidextrous.

43. Marchetti:

The surname Marchetti takes its origins from the Roman goddess of war, Marthe or Marcus. 

The name is also known by many variants such as Marcantoni, Marcantonio, Marcato, Marchel, Marchelli, Marcone, Marconi, Marcovic, Marcovich, Marcoz, Marcozzi, and Marcucci.

44. Mariano:

Marius is an alternate name for Ares, the god of war in Roman mythology.

 Mariano would be an apt name for your confident and gutsy baby boy.

45. Marino:

This is another popular habitational surname, meaning ‘of the sea’. Derived from the word Marinus, which means the sea, naming your little sailor Marino will take him on long cruises across the mighty oceans. Other existing variations of this surname include Mario, Morino, Marina, and Marano.

46. Martini:

Originally deriving from Martinus, or commonly known as Mars, the Roman god of war and fertility, the name has become famously linked to a drink. This surname would be pretty for your lovely baby girl. The other familiar variations of this surname are De Martini, De Martinis, Martino, Martinetti, Martin, Martina, Martinelli, and many more.

47. Mazza:

The Italian word means a ‘club, hammer or mace’. This last name was popularly given to toolmakers.

48. Messina:

This was a topographical surname for somebody living in the city of Messana in Italy. This surname has a lovely ring to it and would be apt for a baby girl.

49. Monti:

A surname that can sum as a beautiful nickname for your child. Monti comes from the Italian word Monte or mountain.

50. Morelli:

A typical Italian surname used to describe a moor or somebody with a dark skin tone. The favorite variations are Morèlli, Morello, Morèllo, and Morella.

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