Is Nutsa Buzaladze married?

Nutsa Buzaladze
Nutsa Buzaladze

Nutsa Buzaladze is a Georgian singer, songwriter and actress.

Her rise to fame came when she featured in Georgia’s Got Talent.

Since then, she has gone on to record numerous hit songs which has topped chats in both her home country and abroad.

She has also made appearances in a number of movies over the years.

The question here is, is Nutsa Buzaladze married?

The answer is no. Nutsa Buzaladze is a single Georgian singer currently focused on her craft as a young singer and has not been linked to any relationships at the moment. 

There is also very little information about her past relationships as various checks on the internet does not link her to any news of relationships.

We can therefore settle on the fact that our searches on the internet suggests that she is single and also like keeping her life private.

Some of you might be wondering who Nutsa is.

Let’s satisfy your curious minds by giving a short profile about her.

Who is Nutsa Buzaladze?

Nutsa Buzaladze
Nutsa Buzaladze

Nutsa Buzaladze is a Georgian pop singer, songwriter and actress.

She was born on 28th January, 1997.

Details of her parents and siblings are currently unknown as she has remained private about those. 

She has loved singing since she was little and has participated in a number of competitions in her home country of Georgia and Turkey.

She however shot to fame after she participated in Georgia’s Got Talent. 

Since then, she has recorded a number of hit pop songs.

She has also made appearances in various movies and commercials in her home country.

Written by K Oteng

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