Is Model Sheila Kennedy married?

Model Sheila Kennedy

Sheila Kennedy is a former model and actress who has been in the spotlight for decades.

She has graced the covers of magazines and starred in commercials and films.

But despite her fame, Kennedy’s personal life remains somewhat of a mystery. So, is Sheila Kennedy married?

Is Model Sheila Kennedy married?

There is no public record of Kennedy ever being married.

However, she has been linked to a number of high-profile figures, including teen idol Leif Garrett, Bob Guccione, boxer Ray Mancini, and actor Scott Baio.

In fact, Baio even featured Kennedy in an episode of his reality show “Scott Baio is 45…and Single.”

Model Sheila Kennedy relationship with Bob Guccione

According to,

Kennedy was discovered by the photographic assistant of legendary photographer, Stan Malinowski, a man who has shot for titles including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Playboy and Penthouse, decades ago.

Soon after Sheila found herself standing at the door of Bob Guccione’s $34 million Manhattan mansion overlooking Central Park.

Guccione was surrounded by eight Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs belonging to his South African girlfriend Kathy Keeton.

‘He was sitting behind a grand piano that looked like it was made of solid gold and he had the chains on and the button down shirt,’ she says.

‘I lived in Vegas, I was kind of used to this glamorous look in guys. I was familiar with the look but his voice, when he spoke, he had this deep sexy voice and he said, “Hi Sheila, I hope you’re happy in your new home”.’

Looking back she remembers: ‘I wasn’t planning on having a relationship with him but as soon as I saw him I was just, ‘Oh my God, you’re gorgeous.’

Being employed by Penthouse meant signing in and out whenever she came and went from the mansion – known by some as ‘the jail.’

It meant never having guys back to the house and for Sheila it meant sleeping with Guccione and ultimately sleeping with his girlfriend Kathy in a threesome.

Her affair with Guccione started just over a month after her arrival at the mansion.

Now, a shocking new documentary has revealed a grim insight into the life of the Penthouse Pets, who Guccione allegedly talked into performing sex acts at his mansion.

Secrets Of Penthouse is a four-part limited series set to air on A&E and sheds light on the sleazy American baron, who launched the notorious publication to rival Hugh Heffner’s Playboy in 1965.

At the height of his fame and fortune, multimillionaire Guccione – who had an estimated net worth of $400 million at the peak of his success – lived with his third wife, Kathy Keeton, in the largest private residence in Manhattan, which stood at an impressive 22,000 square feet.

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