Is Keisha Morris still alive?

Is Keisha Morris still alive

For those of you that do not Keisha Morris, she is the ex-wife of deceased American rapper 2Pac.

The two got married in 1995 but their marriage was short lived.

Keisha still kept contact with 2Pac and maintained a healthy relationship with him till his death.

She went secretive afterwards.

The answer to whether Keisha Morris is alive is yes.

Keisha is very much alive and currently resides in New York City.

Even though she doesn’t keep a very active social media presence, she engages in active education on social injustice and racial abuse and is an author too.

Who is Keisha Morris?

Keisha Morris is an American actress, educator and author. She is popular as the ex-wife of deceased American rapper, 2Pac.

She was born on 10th July, 1974 in Bronx, New York. Her parents are African-American.

She attended John Jey College where she studied Criminal Justice. She also has a Master’s Degree in education. 

Keisha made a brief acting appearance in a 2005 romantic comedy movie ‘The Big Man’ in which she played the role of Lisa.

Not much was heard of her acting career afterwards.

She currently is an active campaigner against social injustices and racial abuse and educates people, especially Black Americans on how to handle such issues in the United States of America. 

Keisha is a mother of two.

She didn’t have any children from her marriage with 2Pac but from a relationship after her divorce from 2Pac.

She has however been secretive about the names and identities of her children and their father.

How did Keisha Morris and 2Pac meet?

How did Keisha Morris and 2Pac meet

Keisha met 2Pac in a night club in New York in 1994.

The two talked briefly and met a month later, after which they exchanged contacts and started talking at length.

They got close during this period which coincidentally, was the period 2Pac was battling a sexual harassment case.

He was found guilty and sentenced to do time.

During this period, Keisha paid regular visits to 2Pac in prison.

Their bond grew even more. Shortly afterwards in 1995, they married while he was in prison.

She is said to have handled most of 2Pac’s business affairs for him. 

Their relationship however hit the rocks some months after their marriage and upon his release in 1996, Keisha divorced 2Pac on the ground he grew apart when he was released from jail.

Written by K Oteng

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