Is It True That A 33 Year Old Woman Has Been Impregnated By A 16 Year Old? Here’s The True Story

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Pictures of a woman who is allegedly 33 years old in a romantic posture with a 16-year-old boy has been trending on Social media all day. Several people have shared the story with shock, as they find it ridiculous that a 33-year-old woman allowed herself to be impregnated by a small boy but is that story really true?

Well, we’ve been digging a lot into the story and it turns out people read the wrong meaning into the pictures they saw on Social media. It is never true that, this 33-year-old woman was impregnated by a 16-year-old boy and that they are dating.

Taking a look at the pictures below, it’s very easy for anyone to believe because of their posture suggests they are a couple but like they say, things always don’t look like they appear. The saying, “Look Before You Leap’ comes into mind.


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Some of the comments on Social media when they

Sources have hinted that, the story is false and that, it’s just a picture of a mother and son having fun together. We learned that, the woman has a husband and was pregnant for her husband and decided to do a photoshoot with her first born and all of the ‘Love’ we saw in there was just a mother and son kind of love.

Yes, so in the other photos you will see below, shows pictures of the family–Dad, son and pregnant mom together. You know in some cultures, its very normal for parents to kiss their children and this is one.

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This is the baby in the picture, a result of that pregnancy.

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Now you know the true story of what you saw.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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