Is Connor Stalions married?

Connor Stalions
Connor Stalions

Connor Stalions is a former Michigan football analyst who was suspended and later resigned from his position in October 2023 following an NCAA investigation into alleged sign-stealing by the university.

Connor Stalions, who joined the University of Michigan football staff in 2022, was already a familiar face in the program.

However, his involvement in the recent scandal has made him more famous, but for the wrong reasons.

As a result, many people are curious about his personal life, including whether or not he is married.

Is Connor Stalions married?

There is no publicly available information on whether or not Connor Stalions is married.

Stalions has not spoken publicly about his personal life, and his social media accounts do not provide any clues.

As a result, it is impossible to say for certain whether or not he is married.

Who is Connor Stalions?

According to ESPN, Connor is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a longtime Michigan fan, Stalions earned a salary of $55,000 and spent games on the Michigan sideline, often consulting with defensive coordinator Jesse Minter and other coaches.

According to a LinkedIn page he recently deleted, Stalions is a former officer in the Marine Corps and worked with Michigan as a volunteer for several years before joining the staff in 2022.

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