Is 25-year-old Hannah Payne married?

Is 25-year-old Hannah Payne married?

Hannah Payne’s private life has all of a sudden become one of the very interesting aspects many have been asking questions about from the very moment her name popped up in the ongoing sentencing hearing in Clayton County.

Unfortunately for the public, there is no information yet on who Hannah Payne’s husband is.

It is also not clear whether she is married or not.

Hannah Payne sentenced to life imprisonment

Hannah Payne has been sentenced to serve a life sentence with the possibility of parole plus 13 years after a jury found her guilty of fatally shooting a man during a traffic dispute.

Hannah Payne, 25, faced a possible life sentence for shooting Kenneth Herring in the abdomen when she was 21.

The jury returned a guilty verdict on all counts on Tuesday evening.

At a sentencing hearing on Friday morning, two of Herring’s sisters and one of his brothers spoke and asked the judge to sentence Payne to life without the possibility of parole.

Payne’s attorney asked for leniency and the possibility of parole, noting that his client had “good intentions.”

What happened

According to investigators, at around 6 pm on May 7, 2019, the victim, 62-year-old Herring, was driving his Dodge pickup truck when he ran a red light and hit an 18-wheeler. Both vehicles were damaged, and the drivers pulled over to wait for police to arrive.

Herring’s accident was witnessed by two people who pulled over to help — the defendant, Hannah Payne, and an officer with the Georgia Department of Corrections named Terry Robinson.

Robinson, who worked in the infirmary at a local prison, examined Herring and noticed that he appeared disoriented.

A police officer reported that Herring’s eyes looked to be a reddish-orange color. He believed Herring was in diabetic shock.

Payne and Robinson stayed with both drivers for about 20 minutes waiting for the police to arrive when Herring returned to his truck and left the scene.

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