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Who is Ilebaye Odiniya? Biography, age, career and other facts about Bbnaija 2022 housemate

Ilebaye Odiniya
Ilebaye Odiniya

Ilebaye Odiniya is not a household name, but she might soon be as she’s a new reality star who has been unveiled as a house mate in the season 7 of the hit show called Big Brother Najia.

She’s taking over the television with her game, and she’s ready for people to underestimate what she might bring to the game.

If you don’t know who she is, that’s all right. You will.

Here’s everything you need to know about her as the new season is ready to air and fans will begin to recognize her sooner rather than later.

Who is Ilebaye Odiniya?

Ilebaye Odiniya is a female housemate in Big Brother Season 7.

Ilebaye who describes herself as adventurous and controversial, is the second female to enter the Big Brother house after the female housemates were unveiled on July 23th, 2022.

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Ilebaye Odiniya ,who hails from Kogi state, is a criminology and security studies graduate and entrepreneur.

She loves swimming, partying, bowling and shopping, and considers herself a controversial, adventurous go-getter.

Ilebaye doesn’t believe in love and feels romantic relationships are all about pretence. “Maybe one day I will find a reason to believe in love, for now, not a chance,” she says.

She can be blunt and have a nonchalant attitude, traits that could annoy her fellow Housemates, but she plans to make up for it by being easy going and fun to be around.

Ilebaye believes Big Brother Naija is the perfect platform to sell herself and gain exposure, which will be good for her business. “Let’s not forget all the other opportunities that come with being a BB Naija Housemate”.

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