I Went To Dr. Obengfo To Reduce The Size Of My Breast But… : Pamela Odame Watara

I Went To Dr. Obengfo To Reduce My Breast - Pamela Odame Watara
I Went To Dr. Obengfo To Reduce My Breast - Pamela Odame Watara

Kenyan born Ghanaian model, Pamela Odame has disclosed that at some point in time she nearly considered paying  just to have her huge breast size reduced to stop some back pains she was having at the time.

She disclosed that if it had not been for the expensive price,  she would have gone for the surgery at Dr, Obenfo ‘s hospital but the price of Ghs 30,000 was too much to bear at the time.

Pamela Odame has been in the news for quite some time now after her images with her huge breasts popped up on the internet. In an interview with Akwesi Aboagye on the weekend entertainment show Entertainment Review on Peace Fm, the young model said she decided not to go back to Dr. Obenfo’s hospital because she felt the prices he was charging was absurd. “He told me he could take some fat from my boobs and put it in my waist to reduce my breast size. I thought it was a good idea but after he disclosed he would charge Ghs 30,000, I decided not to do it. I was having heavy back pains at the time and I thought I had to do something about it. Later, a gym instructor assured me he could help me.  He said it was because I had a small backside.”

In the interview monitored by, Pamela explained that she realized she had a huge breast at an early teen age and has had some challenges dealing with the issue until she decided to use it for her own advantage. “My mum took me to the hospital at 13 years when one of my boobs was growing bigger than the other.  The doctor examined it and assured us it was normal. At age 14 the other was growing bigger too and it never stopped. My friends used to mock me because of my big breasts. They thought I was having sexual affairs with boys back then. “In a response to Kwesi Aboagye’s question of whether she makes money from dancing and modelling in music videos,  the young student disclosed that people pay her just to do a snap video for them with their songs. “I get paid for dancing in music videos and snap videos. People think I do it to expose myself but I am just doing my job”. Asked how much she charges, she said it is manageable  and takes care of some of her weekly needs. “The money from dancing for people in music videos is manageable for a week. It ranges from Ghs 500 to Ghs 700 depending on the people involved.

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Asked whether she faces challenges in her job,  she openly said she faces a lot but deals with them in a matured way.  “The challenges are that people perceive I purposely do that to expose myself so they come into my DMs to verbally attack me.  I also get lots of offers from men to have sexual affairs. Some even go as much as offering $1000 but I don’t do that.

Pamela finally stressed that she is looking at quitting the job and starting her own job in some few years to come.

Born to a Kenyan father and a Ghanaian mother, 22 year old Pamela who is currently studying Marketing at Wisconsin University in Accra Ghana, came to limelight after joining the photo sharing platform Instagram, where she now has over 45,000 followers. Ever since, she has generated quite a storm online. This has seen her getting video vixen jobs and appearing in videos of super stars like Sarkodie + Kojo Cue ft Kiddie, (What Love Can Do remix), Coded of 4×4, Edey Pain Dem and many more.


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