I Wanted To Stab Keche Joshua With Knife – Keche Andrew

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I Wanted To Stab Keche Joshua With Knife - Keche Andrew

Music groups have come and gone in Ghana. While most people wonder why that happens, a lot of other people associate this to greed for money which grows into hatred, then a split.

A music duo who have remained together irrespective is Keche. The two have been in the music game for a period spanning over 10 years, entertaining their fans with back-to-back hit songs.

In a recent interview with blogger Zionfelix on his ‘Uncut’ show, Keche Andrew, one part of the Keche music group when asked whether they ever fight said he has chased his group mate Keche Joshua with a knife before and wanted to stab him with it.

Narrating the incident to Zionfelix, he said,

“He hasn’t beaten me before but I have chased him with a knife before. He did something to me and threw his hand at me so I grabbed a knife and chased him. I wanted to stab him with it”.

Keche Joshua on the other hand admitted they have been in nasty fights over the years and sometimes perform on stage when they were not on talking terms for a whole month but what has kept them going is the fact that the name Keche stands tall above the two of them and they respond to their work schedules irrespective of their differences.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana


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