I live a boring life – Efia Odo

Efia Odo

Ghanaian actress and television personality Efia Odo has opened up about her social life, stating that she is not as sociable as many believe she is.

According to her, many people believe she is an outgoing person as a result of the personality she portrays on social media.

Speaking on Showbiz927 on 3FM, Efia Odo said she likes to keep to herself most times.

“I like my own space. The country that I am in, everybody takes things the wrong way, so I would rather stay to myself and be in my own space. If I am not at work, I am home.

Efia Odo

“Once in a while, I go to my hair stylist’s house or go sit somewhere. I have a really boring life but it’s a little exciting,” she detailed.

She stated that her hair styles and posturing on social media is normal to her, contrary to what some critics believe is a ‘wild’ lifestyle.

“This is normal for me but for you it’s extreme. I don’t think about anything I just do it, I’m an extremist. I think when I go high, I go high and when I go low, I go low. My style is crazy in this country,” she noted.

Efia, who is also an actress, said her career in acting started in America where she grew up, and that acting comes naturally for her.

However, she said she enrolled in college to take some drama lessons to improve her acting skills.

“Acting is not just acting, it is you putting yourself in a situation, you are taking a different role. It gives you time to fill in the shoes of the character you are coming to play.”

When asked how well the Ghanaian movie industry is doing she said, “Obviously the movie industry in Ghana is not doing well, from the time I used to watch African movies and Ghanaian movies was when ‘Beyoncé’ came out.

“During that time, Venus Films was making movies like every day. It was high especially back home in New York a lot of the Jamaicans love African movies. The Caribbean’s love our movies. But now there has been a decline…and maybe we don’t support each other a lot but you see how ‘The Black Panther’ came out, massive.”

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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