I had15 abortions for a man i met in Church who later dumped me – Relationship Expert Spills

Lara Kudayisi
Lara Kudayisi

Nigerian top Matchmaker, Lara Kudayisi has narrated how she terminated fifteen pregnancy for a man she met in church who later left her to become a pastor.

According to Lara Kudayisi, during a recent interview with media entrepreneur, Chude Jideonwo, she had birthed a son out of wedlock and had initially refused to abort her 15th baby but her partner insisted he couldn’t have a pregnant bride.

Lara, who is now married to the love of her life and now uses her past as a drive to inspire other women, said she couldn’t have another child out of wedlock.

‘The Match-making Mistress’ further disclosed that it took the intervention of another pastor to dissolve the relationship after which she slipped into depression, adding that she was courting the man when he was working towards becoming a pastor.

Narrating her experience, she said; “They would just kill me. So there’s the thing that led me to it and there’s the shame. I was going to marry the guy. We met in church. We were together and fixed a wedding date. I had done 14. Remorse started setting in.

“I thought, what if I don’t have another child? I was in the choir and he was preparing to be a pastor. He said he’s never going to have a pregnant bride because of what people will say. He insisted I abort.

“I said, what if I don’t have another child? He said to leave that for him to worry about since I already have one. Anything to get me to take the baby out. The woman brought the foetus out and showed me. That killed me.

“The father didn’t come. I was depressed. Seven days after, the guy said he was done with the relationship. I didn’t hold him responsible, but blamed the devil. I felt the devil was controlling him to rob me of my marital destiny.

“I lived in denial and went to his house daily for three months. I fasted for 40 days to get the man back. I tried to kill myself. I was a mess.”

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