I Am Happy In My Marriage Because Of My Ex Boyfriend – Lady Shares


A married woman with two kids has revealed how she feels like dumping her husband after falling in love again with her ex boyfriend.

“I have been married for five years. I have an ex boyfriend whom I dated for 6 years before I broke up with him. We met at Uni. He worshipped me, took care of me. I will say we were perfect.

The only issue why I didn’t marry him was because of tribe. I am an Igbo, he is a Yoruba. I am an only daughter so my mom warned me not to marry outside our tribe.

My ex boyfriend cried his eyes out. It was an experience I don’t want to remember. I had no other option than to block him because I was also crying. He asked me to marry him but I refused.

I ended up marrying a guy I met not up to six months. After about 8 months, I reconnected with my ex boyfriend and I was so happy.

I am happy in my marriage because of my ex boyfriend. My husband doesn’t give me attention but I make up with the one I get from my ex. We chat 247 and he gives me advice on how to handle family issues.

The issue now is that he told me he’s getting married next month and I have been sad since he told me about it. I feel like ending my marriage to go be with him. I started confessing my love for him. I called him on WhatsApp video and stripped to seduce him but he ended the call and block me.”

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