How To Rip Your Jeans

ripped jeans

The ripped denim has been in existence since the 80s but has become more popular than ever as everybody including celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Rihanna, is rocking it. It is a super fun way to step out looking classy and chic. It is versatile as you can wear it with almost everything (as long as you know how to balance it with your outfits so you don’t come off looking trashy or unkempt) and you can wear them almost everywhere too.

However, it can be really tough bringing out cash to buy something that looks like it was picked from a mad person’s cloth pile; even if it was cheap, it would still be somehow hard to use your hard earned cash to purchase something so edgy. Besides, we all have different tastes and so getting the right jeans ripped in the right places, in the right proportions may also be a tough one. Instead of being bothered about all those things mentioned above, you could just make them yourself. That way you can rip your jeans just how you like it and where you like it. Highlighted below are five steps to make ripped denim by yourself, in the comfort of your home:

1. Choose Your Jeans: the first step is to obviously pick out the jeans you want to rip. However, it is advisable to try it out first on a pair of old jeans or really cheap ones, so you don’t end up wasting a good pair of expensive jeans. You should also put in mind the style you want for your ripped jeans; maybe high waisted, mid-rise, tight, skinny, boyfriend style, and the color too, whether you want black, blue or white. Note that if you want your ripped jeans to look really worn and you don’t have a pair of old worn out jeans, you can wash it couple of times with water and add bleach to it before you rip it.


2. Gather The Materials To Distress And Rip Your Jeans: in order for your jeans to come off looking really neat, it pays to distress your jeans first. To do this, you need sandpaper or a paint removing block, steel wool and a pumice stone. To rip the jeans, you need a super sharp small scissors, an x-acto knife or a box cutter. You should also get a small wooden block or a thick cardboard which will be placed inside the jeans so you don’t affect the back of the jeans except if you want it to be a double sided ripped/distressed jeans.

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3. Put On Your Jeans To Mark Where You Want It Ripped: the next step is to put on your jeans to mark where you want your tears to be. It is best to wear your jeans so you can get the perfect places you want ripped. Get a chalk or a bright pen or a permanent or safety pins to mark where you want to rip. Make sure you do this while standing in order to get your jeans perfectly marked


4. Distress Your Jeans: Lay the jeans on a flat surface and start rubbing the jeans with your pumice stone, sandpaper or steel wool till it starts to thin out or till it starts to worn out. The time for it to thin out depends on the thickness of your jeans. If you want it in the knee area, it will be easier for you to tape the sandpaper to the floor and just slide around on the paper (your knees may hurt badly afterwards though especially if you have really tender skin).


5. Start Making Holes In Your Denim: once you’re done distressing, take you scissors, use the edge and not the tip and start scraping the areas you want your rips to be. Do this horizontally. If you just want distressed jeans, just scrape till you can see the white horizontal threads beneath denim surface. Then you can use tweezers to fray the threads. If you want really big holes, start cutting the distressed areas with you x-actor knife or scissors.


Your distressed jean is ready to be rocked. Note that this may take a really long time to do especially getting the jeans distressed but it is fun and a cheaper way to get your ripped jeans without worrying so much about wasted cash.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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