How To Receive all your Android SMS on PC (MightyText)

How to Receive all your text on your PC

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Many People work with computers for long hours, and it looks quite difficult to pick up Phones and read out every SMS received on it.

Mostly when your device is on charging mode, and you are working at a distance, it becomes difficult to reach the phone.

Steps on How To Get All Your Android SMS On PC.

1. First of all, we download and install App MightyText in your android device.

2. Now in your Google Chrome browser, install the extension MightyText.

3. Now open the app, you will need to first pair up with your PC as it will be done over wifi network.

4. When your setup is done, now you will see your android name on the icon, click on it.

5. Well done, now when your Android receive any SMS, it will transfer on your extension of PC, and you can read it there.

Written by Fred Nyavor

Frederick Nyavor is a graduate With A BSc. In Information Technology, and has worked as a Digital marketer since 2014, where he is Spearheading the effort to keep the open source community informed on everything Technology, IOS, Android And Web Applications, Frederick loves Photography, Technology and ready to learn new things.

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