How To Prepare Sobolo Drink 2020

Sobolo Drink
Sobolo Drink

Hibiscus tea (Sobolo Drink) is a well-known refreshment all through the world and is frequently utilized as a restorative tea.

Hibiscus blossoms have different names and are known as “Roselle” in certain spots.

Hibiscus tea otherwise called Sobolo drink in Ghana is ruby red in shading and has an acrid taste.

In this way, it is otherwise called sharp tea and has a flavor like a cranberry.

There are a few strategies for preparing Sobolo.

Numerous individuals heat up the leaves which makes it a more zingy drink.

Below is how you can make your own Sobolo utilizing the chilly mix technique.

Sobolo Drink
Sobolo Drink

1. Wash 2 cups of leaves to take out any residue or soil however not for long as the color begins leaking out very quickly.

2. Splash the bissap leaves in a bowl of water and spot in the refrigerator for overnight fermenting.

3. The following day, strain the leaves into another bowl utilizing a sifter.

4. Search up the lemongrass into five cups of water and bubble. The water turns yellowish-green when it is prepared.

5. Add the lemongrass fluid to the bissap. You can likewise decide to include this in the prior night notwithstanding the bissap leaves.

6. Include ½ some earthy colored sugar and mix well.

7. Serve over a glass of frosted ice cubes.

There you go…

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