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Have you been nursing the idea to take a break from work? Maybe you should just get on with it already. Going on vacation is, always, a good idea. It is a good time to relax, evaluate your progress and seek out new ideas that can help improve your productivity. Before you start getting confused about how to go about it which often leads to postponement, here are simple tips you can follow.

pickPick a city
Although we mostly think of exotic islands and famous destinations when it is time for vacation, sometimes all you need is to just get out of town. If you have the resources to check out those places on your bucket list, that is great. Otherwise, simply do quick searches on the internet for nearby cities that are equally refreshing.
For someone in Ghana, the city of Accra, Sekondi, Kumasi and Cape Coast should interest you. A road trip to Lagos, Nigeria through Lome, Togo is also a good idea. Road trip isn’t your thing? Well, check online for flights.


Travel light
From the question – what do I pack, we easily slide to carrying much more than we actually need. Try to travel light especially if you are taking a flight. That excess luggage fee can be useful for other things like buying souvenirs and you won’t have to spend unnecessary time claiming baggage. Simple clothes suitable for the weather will do just fine.
What to do
Since you have decided the place you are visiting and settled accommodation, it is time to prepare a short list of things to do when you get there. Be prepared for events, shows and landmarks you would like to visit. You can do a search for tourist attractions, spas and relaxation centres then use google maps for navigating around. Beside your list, be spontaneous and open to new suggestions as you explore.
Take each moment as they come and enjoy it. The whole purpose of the trip is to relax, de-stress and experience new things. Your vacation can simply be lodging in a hotel in Accra, find a good restaurant and enjoy the delicious fish and banku dish.

movenpickFind a place to stay
It is better to be able to settle in almost immediately when you get to your destination. Imagine how stressful it can be to travel quite a distance then start searching all over the town for a decent hotel to stay in. with the help of technology, you can easily pick the best hotel in any city, compare prices and book. Using the platforms is not only fast, you can get to save money through discounts and hotel deals. If you are still unsure about paying online, a platform like Jovago.com allows you to book now and pay later as you check in for most of the hotels.

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