How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Skin Tone

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Skin Tone

Everything is set except that one crucial piece – your wedding dress. You have been provided with options, whether you’ll have one sewn for you or you’ll consider a ready-made one as there are great ways to hire a wedding dress. Whichever you choose, you are faced with the concern as to which color suits your skin tone.

Here are a few details that need to be spot on for you to find that perfect wedding dress for your skin tone:

The big day that you have imagined since you were a little girl is about to come. Planning a wedding is a tedious yet an exciting task for you. You want this event to be just as perfect as how you thought it would be. You and your partner did a lot of saving and went through some ways to fund your wedding.

1.    Know your skin tone.
If you don’t know your skin tone, then it is critical that you find out. You need to be aware by now that it is not your skin complexion that is being referred here. There is a difference between skin complexion and skin tone. Your complexion is what is seen directly by your naked eye, which may be fair, dark, or olive. Your skin tone or undertone may be cool, warm, or balanced.

Check your skin undertone by doing these:
•           During the day, go near a window wherein you’ll get indirect natural light.
•           Hold your arm up.
•           Check the color of the veins on the mid-section of your hand to your elbow.
•           If your veins appear to be green or brown, then you have a warm skin tone.
•           If the color seems to be blue or purple-blue, then yours is cool.
•           If you can’t tell between the two or it’s too dark, then you likely have a balanced skin tone.

2.    Get acquainted with your fabric colors. 
The fabric color matters because it will significantly affect the overall look of your skin once you’ve put your wedding dress on. You don’t want to look dull or pale.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Skin Tone

Here’s an overview of wedding dress colors:

•           Pure white – Your “super” white fabric. This is a synthetic or human-made fabric as natural fibers won’t appear very white even after bleaching. When worn, it will possibly give blue/violet shimmers, especially on your photos.
•           Natural white – This is your winter white or off-white. It appears greyer or dustier than the pure white, so the glare is less.
•           Ivory – This is a popular pick among brides-to-be. Many variations of the color have been developed and are called eggshell, milk, almond-white, candlelight, and creamy white.
•           Pink – Yes, you can wear a pink wedding dress! Pink has blue/purple tones.
•           Blue – Blue shades are also a popular non-white wedding dress choice.

Determine the temperature of your fabric.
As our skin tone has classifications, your wedding dress fabric has its own classification, too. It still goes with cold, warm, and neutral.
• Cold – pure white, lavender, pink, and blue
•           Warm – ivory, cream, nude, and peach
•           Neutral – natural white, champagne, blush, grey

4.     Match the color of your fabric to your skin tone.
The saying  “opposites attract” may apply to you and your partner as well as to your skin tone and fabric color. The color has to balance and blend with your skin tone and not amplify or override your skin color.

The pairing goes like this. If you have a cold skin tone, then you’ll go with warm fabric colors, and vice versa. If you have a neutral skin tone, you can wear any color you like or a combination thereof.

5.     Be confident about your chosen color.
Wearing a wedding dress of your chosen color which matches your skin tone isn’t complete without your confidence. Be confident with your choice! You’ve done a great job in paying attention to the little yet vital details just so you can achieve your dream wedding. Don’t let anyone sway you off your choice. Your color is you!

You are on your way to picking the perfect dress for your wedding day. Be that confident, glowing, and beautiful bride that your husband-to-be is so blessed to marry!

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