How Coronavirus Has Affected Human Life

How Coronavirus Has Affected Human Life

How Coronavirus Has Affected Human Life

The outbreak of coronavirus has been the worlds bad news as no one anticipated the kind of impact it was going to have on a nation, economy, career, family and others.

In fact, everyone saw it has one of those infections which can be fought within a few months, however, it has been almost six months since the virus launched itself into the world.

Nonetheless, the kind of impact it is having on man has caused many to lose more than they anticipated.

Unlike Africa that has fewer deaths as compared to nations in Europe and Asia, more are losing their jobs and income.

Below are some of the areas that have been hit severely by COVID-19;

1.   Businesses

Big companies are laying off their employees while others are maintaining them and giving out just 50 percent of their monthly salary.

At the same time, others are been laid off or asked to go on leave in order to reduce the financial burden.

2.   Stock market

The stock market has fallen drastically and the truth be told, no one anticipated such huge falls in stocks. The kind of money made each day has all been lost during this time.

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3.   Crude oil

Several years ago when oil was very scarce because man was not aware they could actually locate crude oil. As a result, nations who had bragged about them and funny enough, COVID-19 has caused them to give some out freely. The reason is that prices have run into the negatives.

4.    Education

I feel sad for the current generation still in school because a lot will be required from them in a few years to come. The number of months they are supposed to stay in school has been postponed.

5.    Employment

Would you believe if you were told that even churches have to lay off some of their employed members? It is said most of them have laid off close to 50 percent staff just to cover.

6.    Religion

The Christians and Muslims attest to the fact that COVID-19 is a demon that has come to kill and destroy. These two religions always prefer to fellowship together instead of alone, however, they have no option but to be innovative.

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