Hope Saenz: How a Houston woman was shot and killed in front of kids during home invasion

Hope Saenz
Hope Saenz

A mother of two identified as Hope Saenz was shot to death during a home invasion, and authorities are searching for the suspects, according to Texas police.

Local authorities are currently on the lookout for the suspects involved.

According to reports, the fatal event occurred on Sunday, October 22, during a shootout at a Houston apartment.

Hope Saenz, who resided in the apartment with her husband and two young children, found herself in a harrowing situation when two assailants attempted to forcibly enter their home.

Saenz’s husband told police he answered the door and saw the men holding a gun.

He told Saenz to call 911, and she grabbed a gun and a shootout began, police told KPRC. Saenz shot at the men but was hit by gunfire.

Commander S. Casko shared preliminary details, stating, “What we know of right now, from the witnesses and the 911 calls and the statements we’ve been able to get, is it does appear to have started out as a home invasion-style robbery. We don’t really know the cause of that yet, but we are working on it,” as reported by KTRK.

Witnesses told police they saw the two men go in and out of the apartment several times.

Saenz’s husband said he chased after them and they began shooting at him, KTRK reported.

The husband told police he recognized the men.

It’s unclear if the two children were outside or inside the apartment at the time of the shooting.

The husband was not injured, and police are still investigating.

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