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Holle Peno: How Hunter Avallone girlfriend was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Conrad

Holle Peno: How Hunter Avallone girlfriend was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Conrad

Holle Peno, the girlfriend of YouTuber Hunter Avallone, was shot in the leg by her ex-boyfriend in a harrowing incident that ended with the ex taking his own life.

The incident occurred at Avallone’s apartment in Martinsburg, West Virginia, on Friday afternoon.

Holle Peno had recently broken up with her ex, identified as Conrad, after 11 years together, citing his abusive behavior.

Following the breakup, Conrad arrived at Avallone’s apartment building armed with a shotgun and attempted to enter.

He shot through the door, striking Holle Peno in the leg.

Avallone posted a video showing the suspect trying to pound down his front door – before he shot himself when police arrived.

Conrad died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police confirmed.

In the clip, Avallone is heard talking to a 911 operator as his girlfriend Holle pants in the background, with blood pouring from her leg.

He says that his landlord called him to say that a ‘shady’ man was trying to enter his building with a gun. Moments later, loud thuds can be heard as the suspect allegedly attempted to open the door.

Holle is seen in the clip trying to stop the blood flow with a drenched white towel.

Police officers can then be heard shouting ‘show me your f**king hands!’ at the suspect – before about six gunshots ring out.

Avallone wrote: ‘I’m still trying to process this and I’m most likely in shock as I write this.

‘But only a few hours ago, Holle’s ex boyfriend Conrad showed up at my apartment building with a shotgun.

‘He shot through my building door, injuring Holle’s leg in the process. I recorded the final moments in which we’re hiding on the back porch.

‘You can hear him shoot at police before ultimately taking his own life…in my own f**king apartment hallway. Still trying to process this.

‘Holle and I are physically ok but mentally, this is gonna do some serious damage.

‘Holle has been amazing and she’s been incredibly brave and strong throughout this ordeal.’

After the situation, Holle posted to her social media showing her leg wounds, and writing: ‘I am in the hospital. Conrad showed up to Hunter’s house with a shotgun and shot me in the leg, we are safe now, and Hunter is thankfully unharmed.

‘Conrad was shot dead. Really struggling right now, wtf just happened.’

Holle is a popular Twitch streamer with 16,900 followers on the platform. She is also an advocate for mental health – and often speaks about her domestic abuse experiences in previous relationships.

She said that she was with her ex-boyfriend Conrad for 11 years: ‘I am starting to come out of shock. I feel so torn up inside. 

‘I loved him for 11 years despite the abuse, and he couldn’t love me enough to let me leave. I am sad, and angry, and sorry, and heartbroken… I am struggling rn. 

‘It hurts. I can’t believe he did that.’ 

Text messages, sent during the ordeal before Conrad shot himself, showed that he was actually attempting to shoot at Avallone. The ex told Holle that he ‘never meant’ to shoot her.

He wrote: ‘I should have killed the coward.’ 

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