Here’s Why Drake Decided To Keep His Son A Secret Until Now


Drake recently made headlines when he finally confirms that he indeed has a son on his latest album “Scorpion”. Now, a new report has emerged saying that the Canadian rapper decided to keep his son out of the spotlight because he felt intense fear when he first heard the truth.

“Drake did not see his child as much as he wanted because he was scared,” a source close to Drake told HollywoodLife.com. “Drake was afraid of the reaction of the world, his fans and his friends, and how it might affect his image that he had a child with a woman he barely knew.” The source added that he wanted to get used to the role before revealing his son to the world.

“It took Drake time to process becoming a father, and some time to be OK with everything. It helped to write about it, share the news with fans and come to terms with everything. It all happened so fast and it has taken him this long just to be OK with becoming a father, and it all still feels surreal for him,” the source continued.

According to the insider, “Keeping his son secret was toughest, most painful decision in his life and one of the hardest things Drake has ever been through.” But now that he finally let the world know about his son, the “God’s Plan” hitmaker “feels incredible relief and like a huge weight is off his back.” The source went on saying, “Drake feels he will have more room to spend more time in the open with Adonis. Drake admires how close DJ Khaled is with his son, Drake wants that too.”

Drake confirmed his son rumors on tracks “Emotionless” and “March 14” off the effort. On the former song, he spits, “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world/ I was hiding the world from my kid.”

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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